Rachel Shin, CFP® holds a Bachelor of Arts in Finance from California State University, Fullerton and graduated from their CFP® Board Registered Program in May 2019. During her time in the program, she served as President of the Financial Planning Association Student Chapter which ignited her passion for financial planning and financial literacy. She hosted a workshop to educate fellow students on credit cards, as she has found that there is an incredible lack of financial literacy within the younger generations and in society in general. She passed her CFP® Exam in March 2019, and earned the CFP® certification in October 2021.

In her last semester of college, Rachel took an internship with McCarthy Wealth Management where she was first introduced to the financial planning world and built a strong set of fundamental skills such as getting comfortable on the phone, filing documents, and building reports. Once she graduated, she joined FMB Wealth Management in Westlake Village, CA where she worked as a Financial Planner for two years. During her time there, she learned the importance of applying empathy and active listening to build strong relationships with clients. She was very happy to be a part of the process of building a resilient plan from scratch for clients.

Rachel has a deep passion for traveling and loves exploring any city she is staying in. She enjoys playing tennis, and loves watching her favorite basketball team, The Lakers (please be kind to her.)

Client Focus: Rachel believes in the importance of active listening and empathy in order to fully get to know the Client. She is excited to hear about your goals, aspirations, and areas you are passionate about. She is looking forward to being a part of the process to help Clients live the life they have designed for themselves. She is very excited to meet you all!

Current Update: Rachel has been focused on exploring and adapting to the new city and is happy to say that San Francisco finally feels like home! She just came back from Orange County where her best friend recently was proposed to which she is ecstatic about. Rachel has been transitioning to working directly with Clients and is so excited to get to know who they are as people and what they are passionate about. She is happy and ready to help Clients achieve their Live Big® goals and assist with any other requests that may come up.