Cole-ossal Congratulations!

Cole-ossal Congratulations!

It is with great pride that we share that Cole DeLucas has passed the CFP® Exam! Cole has dedicated countless hours of his time towards studying for the exam, and after reaching his goal, he felt “an immediate flood of confidence and validation that I want to be in financial planning.” In his Meet the Team feature, Cole shared that his passion for financial planning manifests in two ways:

“Technically speaking, education planning and retirement planning intrigue me the most. Both of these topics can be tricky to plan for, but I find that putting together the “puzzle” of a Client’s retirement projections, for example, can be very rewarding. In practice, I really enjoy the relationship building process of financial planning. It is a true honor to watch a relationship grow from a Client’s initial call, through the execution of their financial plan, and beyond.”

With this accomplishment, Cole is well on his way to satisfying the CFP Board’s “Four Es” to become a CFP professional.


Cole fulfilled the education requirement when he earned his bachelor’s degree in finance and completed the CFP Certification Track at Virginia Tech.


Cole passed the CFP Exam on November 6, 2020. The exam is designed to assess a candidate’s ability to apply their financial planning knowledge in an integrated format.


To become a CFP Professional, a candidate must accumulate 4,000 hours of apprenticeship experience under the direct supervision of a CFP®. Cole will meet this requirement in the coming months.


The final step is to complete an ethics certification which includes an inquiry into the candidate’s background and an agreement to adhere to the CFP Board’s Code of Ethics.

What’s next for Cole with the exam behind him? He says, “I am going to take some time to digest this accomplishment, and then I plan to fill my extra time with hobbies that help me Live Big! I am a golfer and I love to travel, and I hope to do a bit of both in the near future.”

Congratulations, Cole! We look forward to all that lies ahead in our journey together empowering people to pursue their Live Big® lives.