Congratulations to Yeske Buie’s Newest CFPs!

Congratulations to Yeske Buie’s Newest CFPs!

Written By: Lauren Mireles, FPQPTM

We are very proud to announce that Zach Bennedsen and Ryan Klemm have officially earned the CFP® Certification! These two young men have dedicated years to studying and practicing financial planning in pursuit of becoming CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professionals. As of June 21, 2018, their hard work has earned them the prestigious certification.

Members of the Yeske Buie team sit together to congratulate Zach and Ryan.

The journey to becoming a CFP involves satisfying the CFP Board’s “Four Es”:

  • EDUCATION: The first step is to acquire the knowledge required to deliver professional, competent, and ethical financial planning services to Client. This requires candidates to hold a bachelor’s degree and to have completed a CFP Board-approved education program.
  • EXAMINATION: The next step is to pass the CFP Certification exam which is designed to assess a candidate’s ability to apply their financial planning knowledge in an integrated format to financial planning situations.
  • EXPERIENCE: After the examination requirement is complete, candidates must then accumulate 4,000 hours of full-time practice experience under the direct supervision of a CFP®.
  • ETHICS: The final step is to complete an ethics certification which includes an inquiry into the candidate’s background and an agreement to adhere to the CFP Board’s Code of Ethics.

After learning that they had officially met all of these requirements, we asked Zach and Ryan what three words they would use to describe the feeling of becoming CFPs. Here’s what they had to say:

Our team in San Francisco stands together with Zach in support of his recent accomplishment.


The three words I would use to describe my feelings are grateful, accomplished, and eager.

I feel very grateful for the support I’ve been afforded on my journey to becoming a CFP ®. Starting with my professors and classmates at Virginia Tech, to the advisors at Yeske Buie who helped mentor me during my first two years of experience, to my family and friends. So many people have been along for the ride, and I am forever grateful for their presence.

While I’ve known the CFP ® certification was coming for a while now, standing on the other side, I feel very accomplished. The CFP® is something I have been working towards since my second year of college, and it feels great to have achieved this goal.

That being said, I know the CFP ® certification is just the beginning. I am eager to continue becoming a better financial planner. There is always more to learn, and I look forward to honing my knowledge and skills here at Yeske Buie. That eagerness wraps me back around to gratefulness – I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn from some of the best planners in the country here at Yeske Buie.


The three words I would use to describe how it feels to have earned the CFP® certification are: excited, honored and ready.

I am excited to continue my growth as a financial planner at Yeske Buie and to serve our clients to the best of my ability.

I am honored to join a dynamic group of over 80,000 other CFP® Certificants who all adhere to an accepted set of values and the fiduciary standard.

I am ready to begin providing financial advice in service of relieving the stress and burden a Client’s complex financial situation can have on their life.

As Zach shared, this achievement is a milestone along a journey that it just beginning. We at Yeske Buie look forward to all that lies ahead for these gentlemen personally, professionally, and with our Clients. Congratulations, Zach and Ryan!