Meet the Team: Alishia DuBois

Meet the Team: Alishia DuBois

Interview By: Mila Lavoie

Summertime at Yeske Buie is meaningful in many regards, including being a time to welcome new talent to our ever-growing team. This Summer, we are pleased to welcome our newest class of Financial Planning Residents in our Virginia office: Alishia DuBois and Cole DeLucas. Today, we share an interview with Alishia who joined the team this June after graduating from Virginia Tech’s CFP Board Registered Program. Before starting at Yeske Buie, Alishia worked at a financial planning firm in the Richmond, VA area where she began putting her financial planning education into practice.

We hope you enjoy the following interview and find that it helps you learn more about Alishia’s ability to make an impact at Yeske Buie. Welcome to the team, Alishia!

In your role as Financial Planning Resident, how do you assist Yeske Buie’s Clients?

Right now, I see myself as part of Yeske Buie’s support system which, to me, is an extremely important role. I directly support our Clients by analyzing and organizing information for other members of the Financial Planning team, so they may provide the best financial plan possible to all of our Clients. It is my belief that the support of myself and others in my position enhances Yeske Buie’s structure and helps the team function at a level of excellence which in turn supports our Clients’ ability to truly Live Big®.

In your first few weeks at Yeske Buie, what have you been working on?

Thus far, my main responsibilities and opportunities have included sitting in on a Client meeting and diving into Yeske Buie’s “boot camp” training program. Being a part of a Client meeting was such an invigorating experience for me, and I look forward to being able to take on an Annual Update for a Client from start to finish in the coming months. I also look forward to the completion of my “boot camp” training – Yeske Buie’s intense, three-month training program to get Financial Planning Residents trained on all things Yeske Buie. I am anxious to learn and absorb everything I can in boot camp so I can support our Clients for the next three years to the best of my ability.

Thinking long-term, what do you hope to accomplish during your time as a Yeske Buie Financial Planning Resident?

During the next three years at Yeske Buie, I want to learn as much as I possibly can about financial planning, about how to best serve Clients, about the profession, and about myself. Three years from now when I leave this residency, I hope that I have made a positive impact on the lives of the Clients I interacted with, and I hope to be remembered by Clients and by the team as someone who always looked out for them and had their best interest in mind. I would also like to carry everything I learn at Yeske Buie into the Financial Planning profession and continue to build authentic relationships both in and out of the profession.

Finally looking inward, I feel that this opportunity at Yeske Buie can help me grow into the person I have always dreamed I would be; to help me truly Be Big and Live Big. I am very much looking forward to starting this growth experience at Yeske Buie’s upcoming staff Retreat!

Speaking of Yeske Buie’s values and worldviews, which worldview aligns with you most and why?

I find that a lot of the worldviews align with my personal values, but Yeske Buie’s Live Big worldview aligns with me most as I feel that it is intertwined in all aspects of my life and perfectly aligns with who I am as a person. I realize the importance of money, both when you have a surplus or a deficit, and I believe that it is important to implement your resources in a way that can assist in the making of priceless memories. I also believe it is important to implement different processes and policies around your spending and saving habits so that it the end, you can achieve as much happiness as possible. I want to help my Clients feel that they can live their best life, whatever that may mean to them.

On the topic of Live Big, what is one of your Live Big goals?

My ultimate Live Big goal – besides making a conscious effort to Live Big every day! – is to be able to say that I do what I love. I am so pleased with where I am right now in my life and I feel so blessed to be on the path I am on. I feel confident that by following my passions, I will be living big and achieving my goals of having a family, owning my own firm, and finding a balance between work and family.

Financial Planning is clearly a true passion for you! What is your first money memory?

When I was much younger, my Father gave me one of those state quarter maps; the kind where each state has a space for you to place the corresponding quarter. When I first began my hunt for the 50 different quarters, I thought of this as a fun scavenger hunt to play with my Dad. As I grew up, I began to make the choice to save that quarter and pop it in its state as opposed to spending that money on something I wanted. To this day, every time I look at my map I get a warm feeling inside from all the memories I have of finding those quarters with my Dad.

Outside of the office, what hobbies or interests are important to you?

I am a very active person and when I am not working I love going to the gym and lifting weights. I believe this practice is really good for you as a person, and not just your health. Trying to build reps helps me focus on a goal and disciplines me to achieve it.

Being active has always been an important part of my life – you might be surprised to know that I used to be on a competitive synchronized skating team! I started when I was around the age of 11 and continued my training all through high school, right up until I left for college. I miss it a lot and would love to get back to it at some point, maybe not competitively but, just for the joy of skating.

Finally, I also love to travel and try new places to eat – I’m a big foodie! – and I truly love visiting with family and spending quality time with the ones I love.