About Yeske Buie

A Uniquely Personal Approach

At Yeske Buie, we are passionate about financial planning and how it transforms lives and this passion led us to create a firm that delivers the benefits of creative, disciplined wealth management to our Clients.

The Yeske Buie Story

The Yeske Buie story is a compilation of extraordinary relationships from its past and present, with a pledge to continue the story by nurturing extraordinary relationships in the future. We believe that enhancing relationships is at the heart of what matters, because exquisite relationships are the indispensable glue that keeps the interconnected web that is Yeske Buie humming. Because of this belief, continuously assessing and strengthening every relationship is our cultural imperative – relationships with Clients, strategic partners, peers, the profession, the community, and each other. Regardless of whether our relationship has spanned two months or twenty years, we consider every moment together to be an opportunity to elevate our connection and live fully into our purpose of empowering you to pursue your Live Big® life.

Our Services
Asset Management

Asset management is the process of harnessing the markets in a grounded and disciplined way to make your money work as hard for you as you have worked to earn it. We develop a set of investment policies specific to your personal situation. We invest in institutional securities that offer low costs and superior focus. We implement a disciplined rebalancing strategy based upon leading edge research. And we monitor your progress in keeping with your financial planning goals on an ongoing basis. Our approach to asset management is predicated upon empirically-validated investment theory – no fads, no fluff, no baby talk. Learn more.

Evidence-Based Financial Planning®

The financial planning process helps us identify your goals and resources and then establish steps to harness those resources in pursuit of your Live Big® goals. Your financial plan will cover cash flow and tax planning, risk management, retirement and other goal planning, investment planning, and estate planning. It will do so in a big-picture, holistic way. The initial financial plan is developed for you during the first year of the engagement. Thereafter, the financial plan is reviewed on a regular basis to help ensure that you stay on track through changes in the landscape and in your circumstances. Learn more.

Wealth Management

When the power of the financial planning process is combined with a rigorous and disciplined approach to investment management, we call it wealth management. Our wealth management services are offered as an integrated service for a single fee. Learn more.

Fees and Minimums

Our wealth management services include both financial planning and the ongoing management of client investments. This integrated service is covered by a single fee, calculated as a percentage of invested assets.

Our minimum new account size is $3,000,000.

Your Financial Assets

  • 1.00% per year on the first $5,000,000, plus
  • 0.50% per year for amounts greater than $5,000,000 up to $10,000,000, plus
  • 0.35% per year for amounts greater than $10,000,000