We’re good people to think with®

Meet Our Team

At Yeske Buie, our greatest strength is our dedicated team of advisors and client service professionals, led by our two founders, who between them have over 70 years of combined experience practicing financial planning and leading the profession.

Was once a coxswain on a high school rowing team ... that won its world championship.
No dishwasher is a match for her lipstick.
Would like to take Alishia on in a doodling contest.
Elissa Buie, CFP®

Founder • CEO

Has mastered the art of writing upside-down.
Was partner in a commercial mushroom business … or was it winemaking … oh wait, he did both!
Was likely the inspiration for performance denim after he walked a half marathon in jeans.
Dr. Dave Yeske, CFP®

Founder • Managing Director

The definition of a sneaker head - his shoe collection rivals that of a professional athlete.
Has had more hair-do's in a month than most people have in their lifetime.
Is addicted to Apple Music and makes a new 33-song playlist every quarter.
Yusuf Abugideiri, CFP®

Partner • Senior Financial Planner

Also known by the Yeske Buie team as "Love It".
Was struck by lightning in the Grand Canyon.
Is a nerd for every movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Lauren Mireles, FPQP

Partner • Organization & Methods Manager

Hiked the Grand Canyon from rim-to-rim in one day and lived to tell the tale.
Avid adventurer.
Has been horseback riding since before her feet could reach the bottom of the saddle.
Lauren Stansell, CFP®

Partner • Senior Financial Planner

Loves the game of golf and would love to host you to a round!
Takes dressing professionally to a new level.
Technically has the same name as famous rapper J. Cole.
Cole DeLucas, CFP®

Financial Planner

Believes wine and cheese IS a meal.
Will literally stop to smell the roses and to pet your dog.
Go Hokies!
Kacie Fawls

Assistant Financial Planner

Has watched every episode of The Office at least 5 times.
Loves snacking on carrots even though she is allergic.
Paints every city she lives in.
Sydney Woodward

Assistant Financial Planner

#1 fan of vanilla.
Morning conversation always includes, “Did you see the game last night?”
Had his car broken into within 24 hours of arriving in San Francisco.
Ryan Kelly, CFP®

Financial Planning Resident

If you don’t see her drinking coffee in the morning, please check on her.
Lived in Guatemala for 7 years and used to be fluent in Spanish.
Laughs at least 20 times a day.
Rachel Shin, CFP®

Assistant Financial Planner

Will eat dessert for lunch.
Has more style than you do (no, seriously, she’s a professional stylist).
Loves the arts so much she wanted to be an actress but became an engineer because it was practical.
Karen Simons

Financial Planning Apprentice

Has more suits, ties and sport coats than there are days in the month.
Does so many reenactments and renaissance fairs his closet looks like a time-traveler’s.
Is a total bibliophile and has his own private library at home.
Howard Brown

Operations Assistant

Likes Harry Potter more than you do.
Teaches kids how to twirl on the weekends.
Registered her dog, Casee Jones, as a service animal so they never have to be apart!
Mila Lavoie

Project Administrator

Found the fountain of youth and won’t tell anyone where it is.
Has a passion for salsa dancing.
Makes the most delicious lumpia you’ve ever eaten.
Dorothy Navales

Client Service Administrator

Is the biggest foodie on the team and knows your meal order better than you do.
Wrote her masters’ thesis on video games and is not the biggest nerd on the team.
Cleans her office before every New Year’s like she’s getting ready to quit.
Cristin Stinson, FPQP

Operations Manager