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Aubrey Klearman holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from The University of Colorado at Boulder, within the Leeds School of Business. Additionally, she pursued an optional track in Personal Financial Planning, a certification in Global Business Studies, and a minor in Spanish Language, graduating in May 2023.

While in her junior year of college, Aubrey studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain for four months, taking classes that were almost completely taught in Spanish at the University of Barcelona. She lived with an 80-year-old host mom that exclusively spoke Spanish and Catalan, which allowed her to dive deeper into a culture and language that she has become passionate about learning.

During the summer of 2022, Aubrey interned at RMB Capital Management in Denver, Colorado, where she learned real applications of financial planning, adding valuable experience outside of the classroom to her financial planning education. After this, she took another internship during her final year of college at Mercer Advisors, solidifying her desire to work in financial planning, and developing stronger professional skills along the way.

Prior to graduating, Aubrey served as Co-President for the Financial Planning Club, helping to raise awareness about the amazing and rewarding opportunities that lay within her chosen career path.

In her free time, Aubrey likes reading, going on long walks, listening to music, adventuring, and playing with her cat Momo. She has also been learning to knit, and is excited to explore the West Coast.

Client Focus: Aubrey’s favorite aspect of financial planning is being able to help people through difficult moments as well as making a positive difference in their lives. She finds it unbelievably rewarding to build a relationship with a foundation of trust with Clients and feels fortunate to be a part of a process that advocates for the importance of financial literacy, while supporting Clients living a life they dream of.

Current Update: Summer in San Francisco has been off to a great start at Yeske Buie. Aubrey has been enjoying building relationships with Clients, as well as building her confidence in different areas of financial planning. It’s been wonderful to continue getting to know everyone in the West Coast office (old and new!), and her favorite time each week is spent at Grub Club where she gets the opportunity to sit down together with the team and chat. Aside from work, Aubrey has been spending her time doing all sorts of things. She took a spontaneous weekend trip to Boston, has been enjoying attending concerts in the city, and loves spending time with her friends and her cat Momo.