Cristin Etheredge, FPQP earned a master’s degree in Corporate and Public Communication with an emphasis in Organizational Communication and Public Relations from the University of South Alabama. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Marketing with minors in Management and Management Information Systems from the University of West Florida. Cristin has a certification in E-Commerce from the University of West Florida. Additionally, Cristin is a Financial Paraplanner Qualified ProfessionalTM from the College for Financial Planning. Prior to joining Yeske Buie, Cristin was a Human Resources Manager for Target Corporation and an Adjunct Instructor for the University of South Alabama.

Outside of Yeske Buie, Cristin serves on the Club Leadership Team for the Rotary Club of Vienna. She spends her free time dancing, reading, hiking, learning new skills, creative cooking and exploring the cultural richness of the Washington, DC area with her friends. Cristin is also a food aficionado, and can generally tell you all about the new restaurants in the DC area and where to go for almost any type of ethnic food.

Client Focus: Cristin approaches her work with Clients by viewing herself as a tether. She focuses on providing the Yeske Buie team with crucial updates about innovations and complications with technology and assists in answering Client questions about the ever-evolving technological world.

Current Update: Cristin has been busy at work for our annual renewal filings. She’s excited to start reading the Yeske Buie book club’s new pick (Think Again by Adam Grant) once it arrives. At home, spring has made a brief preview to warm the air, and it has inspired Cristin to plant sunflower seeds for the first time. Hopefully soon, both the sunflowers and our official spring will bloom. Lastly, Cristin is also getting more and more excited about her upcoming nuptials in June.