Protecting Your Digital Identity

Protecting Your Digital Identity

Since 2014, the Yeske Buie team has been personally using and recommending IdentityForce for their identity theft protection services. IdentityForce is a leading provider of proactive identity, privacy, and credit protection with over 35 years of experience. With an IdentityForce account, you receive constant identity and credit report monitoring, instant alerts on suspicious activity, reports of all your personal information that is made public on the internet, anti-keylogging and anti-phishing software to protect you against malware and phishing sites, and more. Recently, IdentityForce has added a new feature to their services – Social Media Identity Monitoring. If you have an IdentityForce account, this feature is now available as part of your membership, at no additional charge. In this space, we share more about the importance of social media identity monitoring and what IdentityForce’s new feature can do to protect your accounts.


Why is Social Media Identity Monitoring Important?

Protecting and monitoring your social media accounts may not feel like a high priority compared to protecting and monitoring your credit score or personal identifying information. However, experts like IdentityForce have found that social networks are a major access point for hackers on the Dark Web who are looking to buy and sell your personal information. As IdentityForce shares, “These hackers can gain access to a treasure trove of personal information that can be used to steal your identity and even fool your friends and family with scams to clean out bank and investment accounts. With so much of our world displayed on social media sites, a social hack is an attack on everything you’ve built.”


How Does IdentityForce Protect My Social Media Accounts?

IdentityForce explains their new feature as such:

With our exclusive suite, we monitor your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and Instagram accounts for inappropriate activity and posts that could be perceived as violent, are using profanity or could be categorized as cyberbullying or discriminatory. We’ll also alert you of any social posts that may be flagged as spam, scams, and malware. As a final layer of protection, we’ll notify you of any suspicious activity that could indicate your account was hacked or that someone is impersonating you.

Whether you are interested in monitoring your own social accounts, or those of your children or others within your family, IdentityForce’s Social Media Identity Monitoring Suite includes key features required to take control of your digital identity:

1. Inappropriate Activity | Profanity, drugs, violence, discrimination, or sexually explicit language

2. Hacked Account | Account hackings or an unexpected locked account

3. Imposter Accounts | Monitors for accounts that appear to be impersonating member’s identity

4. Scams | Spam, malware, or phishing scams posted to member’s social media accounts

How Do I Take Advantage of this New Feature?

Getting started is easy! Below are four simple steps to connect your social media accounts:

1. Login to IdentityForce from the desktop PC or laptop (not via mobile app).

2. On your IdentityForce dashboard, scroll to find the “Social Media Monitoring” section. Click the icons to connect any and all of your social media accounts (you can only connect one social media account type per IdentityForce account).3. Confirm your account on the next window by entering your username, password, and allowing IdentityForce permission to view the account activity.

4. Once confirmed, you will see your social media account is now linked to IdentityForce!Members of the Yeske Buie team have already connected their personal social media accounts and found the set-up process to be very user-friendly. If you have any questions about this new feature, about IdentityForce’s services, or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us.