New Year Quick Take

New Year Quick Take

Simple clean performance line graph design for 2019, 2020 and 2021 with a red coronavirus cell close up and icons

Greetings and Welcome to 2021! Other than for certain tax purposes, December 31 is usually an artificial dividing line in our lives, though one that always looms large in the imagination. The reality is that Covid-19 was ravaging the nation pretty much the same on January 1 as on December 31. The vaccine rollout continues apace, not free of hiccups but slowly building momentum. The economy, the “real” economy, the lived economy, looks about the same. One area where the arrival of a new year will matter, however, is politics, and more so this year than most.

A new president will be sworn in on the 20th, one with significantly different policy priorities than the current occupant of the White House. And, Georgians are voting to determine which party controls the Senate. There are real pocketbook issues at stake, especially if Democrats prevail in both Georgia Senate races.

To help make sense of these emerging forces, we’re working on a one-hour webinar we’ll be presenting on January 27, starting at 11:30am PT / 2:30pm ET, that we hope you’ll attend: Pandemic, Politics, and Pocketbooks in 2021.

We fully expect that by that time, even if there are recounts in Georgia, we should know which party will control the Senate and can share our thoughts on the policy implications and the financial planning strategies we’ll be pursuing on your behalf. As noted above, there are real pocketbook issues at stake.

We’ll also take the opportunity to review the economy and the markets in 2020 and share our outlook for 2021 and beyond.  As a teaser, note the chart below showing how the different elements of your portfolio performed in 2020. The shock to the global economy caused by the Pandemic hit the reset button on the business cycle and may well presage a shift in leadership within the markets.

So, please plan to join us for Pandemic, Politics, and Pocketbooks in 2021.

And Happy New Year!