Featured Favorites: Gratitude

Featured Favorites: Gratitude

Welcome to Featured Favorites, a special feature with a goal of highlighting the diversity of thought and interest on the Yeske Buie team and in the Yeske Buie community at large. While we believe in the importance of gratitude all year round, the holidays and end of year seem to be a natural time to reflect on the people, places, things, and memories that bring special meaning to our lives. In this vein, we asked our team…

What seemingly small thing(s) are you grateful for?

We hope these reflections resonate with you and inspire you to reflect on the things you’re grateful for. If you’d like to share your own reflections with us, you can post them here on our Gratitude Wall.

Aubrey Klearman

``I am especially grateful that, even though my family and friends live in different places across the US, I am able to keep in constant communication with them nearly everyday via grouptexts. I'm also grateful for my cat, pretty flowers, my health, books, and chocolate.``

Gavin Shoults

``RAIN! I've always loved rain, but living in a desert made that relatively rare so I've been really appreciating all the rainfall and clouds that we get in Virginia - and I'll tell anyone who will listen how great it is.``

Lauren Mireles

``The sunrise. The quiet. My daughter's laugh. A hug from my husband. Being able to call my Dad anytime and feeling confident he'll pick up.``

Lauren Stansell

``I'm grateful for open minds, especially those of children (and my child). It's incredible to learn through her eyes and how she experiences the world. I'm also grateful for the human body - it's amazing! From simply allowing us to wake up and breathe each day to creating new life and sustaining it (and our own). It's easy to criticize our bodies and others' these days... so I try to work on being grateful to mine for all it does (from the simple to the complex).``

Ryan Kelly

``Sunsets, patient and supportive friends, my Onewheel, and the success of the Atlanta Braves.``

Cristin Stinson

``I'm grateful for morning sunlight, laughter, a warm cup of tea, unexpected kindness, fresh air after a rainstorm, a good book, genuine smiles, and moments of stillness``

Yusuf Abugideiri

``Can I say my kids even though they're growing very quickly?``

Kacie Fawls

``I have currently been loving the time I get to myself in the mornings! I have been waking up at inhuman hours just to have some time in the dark to gently wake up and center myself for the day!``

Will Tracy

``Recently, music! Listening to a good song or discovering a new artist can not only improve my mood, but change my entire outlook on life!``

Sydney Woodward

``I'm grateful for my dog-daughter Avery who has been my adventure partner for several years. She has been by my side for every significant milestone in my adult life - from college to San Francisco (and every milestone in between).``