Featured Favorites: Halloween Fun

Featured Favorites: Halloween Fun

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Welcome to a spooky edition of Featured Favorites, a special feature with a goal of highlighting the diversity of thought and interest on the Yeske Buie team and in the Yeske Buie community at large. In this edition, we want to highlight a few of our core values – from vulnerability to the importance of relationships – and have some Halloween fun. We asked our team to share a few of their favorite childhood memories and choose between some traditional fall and Halloween activities. We hope that as you read our responses, you reflect on a few of your own memories and feel that you’re building a deeper connection with us. Happy Halloween!

Chocolate Candy or Fruity Candy?

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One of Yeske Buie’s unofficial core values is Eat Big! Enhancing relationships is at the heart of what we do, and we find that enjoying food with someone is a meaningful way to connect. When it comes to Halloween candy, our team has some strong opinions. When asked to choose between chocolate candy and fruity candy, we learned that we’re a group of chocolate lovers – 100% of the team chose chocolate over fruity candy. What are some of our favorite chocolates? Reese’s, Snickers, Milky Way Midnight, Whoppers, and Dark Chocolate Covered Honeycomb received special shout outs. What are some of your favorites?

Store-Bought Costume or DIY Costume?

Because of the nature of our work with Clients, we often ask people to share some of their most personal life stories and information. We’re grateful to be welcomed into that intimate space with Clients, and we like to reciprocate the personal sharings whenever we can. We asked the team to reflect on some of their favorite Halloween costumes, many of which were DIY costumes (we are a creative bunch, after all!). In addition to the photos below (hover over the image for a special caption), here are a few other special team memories:

  • “I wore the same kind of Ninja costume every Halloween for nearly a decade!” – Gavin
  • “I once dressed up as Mayhem from the Allstate Commercials.” – Ryan
  • “Apparently when I was four, my mom and grandmother made me a Thomas the Tank Engine costume that won a prize at a fair. Getting a picture of the nearly 20-year-old costume is proving difficult!” – Will

Rapid Fire This or That…

Life – and financial planning! – is all about choices and trade-offs. Let’s see what our team collectively chose when asked to pick between a few traditional fall and Halloween activities.

Boy Scarecrow, pumpkins, sunflowers on bales of hay for a hayride on the bed of an old rustic antique truck in Tennessee, USA.  Autumn decoration. Halloween. Harvest Festival. Thanksgiving.
Hayride or…
An eery light emanating from a haunted house in front of a full moon. Witch standing watch.
Haunted House?
Homemade Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving Ready to Eat
Pumpkin Pie or…
Jack o lanterns cut into pumpkins for Halloween
Carving Pumpkins?
Different Halloween decor on windowsill indoors. Festive interior
Trick or…
Directly above angle on several miniature Halloween decorations taken out of their box and randomly scattered around the table.

Vampire Teeth or Witches Hat?

Let’s see what happens when we turn our normally cheerful team into a band of vampires and witches based on what they chose!