Featured Favorites: Holiday Traditions

Featured Favorites: Holiday Traditions

Welcome to Featured Favorites, a special feature with a goal of highlighting the diversity of thought and interest on the Yeske Buie team and in the Yeske Buie community at large. In this edition, we share special holiday traditions held by our team members and their families. As we’ve said, we usually use this section to highlight our diversity. But it’s the similarities in this one – memories and activities like tree decorating, holiday scents, and movies (specifically, Elf!) – that fill us with joy.

What is your favorite winter holiday tradition?

Which of these traditions do you also have in your family? What other holiday memories and activities do you have that bring you joy? Let us know using the form at the end of our team’s sharings.

Lauren S.

``Thanksgiving! I love the labor of love that goes into one of my favorite meals. And then leftover sandwiches for the next few days (with all the fixings on the sandwich). I also love decorating for Christmas! It makes our home feel so cozy and joyful. And burning winter candles is my favorite.``


``One tradition I hope to hold onto forever is watching specific movies during the holiday season. I am unashamed to admit that Elf may be my favorite movie of all time, so my family watches it every year. We also watch A Christmas Story every year on Christmas Day and will often have the 24-hour marathon playing in the background throughout the day.``


``Picking out our 14-foot real Christmas tree with my mom! It's a tradition that just the two of us have enjoyed for as long as I can remember.``


``Playing in the snow with the kids.``


``One of my favorite senses that gets ignited is all the smells of the season - cinnamon, fresh snow/cold air, rosemary, baked goods, etc.``


``My favorite winter holiday tradition is decorating my Christmas tree (& yes, it is always up and decorated before Thanksgiving in my home)! I have fond childhood memories of decorating all the Christmas trees in my parents house as a family while watching the movie ``Elf``. Now that I live across the country from my family, we still decorate the trees together, but over FaceTime! ``

Lauren M.

``Every year growing up, my Dad would play the album 'Wonderful Beginnings' by Kenny Rogers when we decorated our Christmas tree. The album has become a marker for the start of the holiday season for me, and it feels wrong to decorate the tree without listening to it at least once.``


``My favorite holiday tradition is getting together with close friends, having drinks and dinner, sharing what we are thankful for for the past year, and exchanging one ornament in a festive mood.``