Get Calm and Live Big®

Get Calm and Live Big®


A sharper mind. Reduced stress. Better focus. Stronger resilience. These mental states may feel unattainable given current societal challenges, but they can be a reality through the power of mindfulness, breathing, and meditation. Over the years, the Yeske Buie team has studied and experienced how ongoing mindfulness training can help us stay mentally alert and emotionally calm to support our Clients and each other.

We invite you to explore the benefits of mindfulness and meditation practices with a free three-month membership to Calm, a meditation, sleep, and relaxation app, compliments of Yeske Buie. In this space, we share why we like Calm, benefits of mindfulness, breathing, and meditation, free resources to start your practice, and how to receive a free subscription.


At Yeske Buie, we believe that exquisite action demands the artful application of the best available science. We embody this belief by practicing evidence-based financial planning, and partnering with other organizations who share this philosophy. As you can see from the following statements on Calm’s website, Calm is one such organization.

Calm is committed to developing evidence-based sleep mindfulness resources informed by ongoing, rigorous scientific research, as our part in supporting the health and happiness of our community and the world. Our team works closely with a group of distinguished academic researchers and clinicians who guide and review our efforts, to ensure our offerings are scientifically sound and effective.


Known benefits of these practices include reduced stress, better focus, increased happiness, stronger resilience in the face of life’s challenges, better relationships, lower blood pressure, slowed cellular aging, reduction of chronic pain, increased immune system function, and more. Check out these resources for additional details:


Understanding how important mindfulness practices can be during challenging times like we’re currently experiencing, Calm has made some of their favorite content available for free including:

  • Soothing Meditations
  • Sleep Meditations and Sleep Stories
  • Calm Music and Soundscapes
  • Calm Body
  • Calm Masterclass
  • Calm Kids
  • Journaling Resources and Calm Calendars
  • Desktop and Phone Backgrounds

Check out the content here – the resources rotate so feel free to check-in from time to time – to experience what Calm has to offer before starting your subscription. There’s also a 40% off coupon for an annual membership for new members at the bottom of the page for anyone interested in a longer subscription.


To request a free three-month subscription to Calm compliments of Yeske Buie, please click this link to provide us with your name and email address and a member of our team will be in touch with an activation code. You can access Calm’s resources via a computer or via the app available for Apple and Android devices. To redeem your code, you must visit the Calm website and follow the instructions below:


  • Visit the redeem page on Calm’s website
  • Type your email, desired password, and first name; click Sign Up
  • When prompted, enter your gift code and click Redeem
  • Your three-month subscription will begin as soon as you redeem your code
  • Use the login credentials you set-up to access the Calm resources via the Calm app available in the Apple and Android app stores


A Yeske Buie subscription code can be applied to your account after your existing membership expires. Our codes are good for 12 months so feel free to request a code now to be applied to your subscription when needed.

If you have any questions about the subscription, activating your code, or otherwise, please do not hesitate to contact us.