Gavin ShoultsGavin Shoults

Gavin Shoults holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences from the University of Arizona; he graduated in 2022. During his time at school, Gavin was involved in several student clubs, including Alpha Phi Omega, an academic fraternity. He served as the organization’s Executive Board as the Treasurer, where he discovered his passion for finance.

Prior to joining Yeske Buie, Gavin worked as a Data Engineer at the Mister Car Wash corporate headquarters in Tucson, Arizona. He was responsible for managing enterprise-scale information systems and providing company-wide analytical insights. Joining Yeske Buie as a Client Support Specialist, Gavin is excited to leverage his skillset to help the firm’s Clients achieve their goals while working alongside a team of highly accomplished professionals.

In his free time, Gavin enjoys exploring the Virginia scenery, trying out exciting new foods, swimming, playing tennis, and traveling – mostly to beaches! A lifelong Arizona native, there’s no shortage of new things to experience in his new home.

Client Focus: Over the past few months, Gavin has been loving all the snow and has adapting to the different winter weather, which is much colder than he’s used to – he had to get his first coat! He has also been enjoying getting to know and spend time with the talented new members of our team and having the opportunity to collaborate on projects with them. Looking ahead, Gavin is very excited for Spring to bring back all the vibrant greenery, and especially so to see his first cherry blossom blooming season in the DC area. He also has several family members planning trips to visit over the next couple of months, so he has been busy planning itineraries to visit all the exciting spots around his new home, including some of his new favorite local restaurants and interesting museums.

Professionally, Gavin has been continuing to learn more deeply about all Yeske Buie’s technologies, and is becoming more involved in more complex and ongoing activities to support our Clients.