Give Big: Yeske Buie’s Efforts Continue to Impact Local Communities

Give Big: Yeske Buie’s Efforts Continue to Impact Local Communities

As we’ve shared before, one of Yeske Buie’s defined core values is our commitment to sharing our time, our intellect, and our resources. Accordingly, the team volunteers on a quarterly basis, at minimum, as part of our Give Big initiative to make a difference in our local communities. As time has passed, both teams have identified their favorite organizations on their respective coasts and the team’s most recent Give Big efforts took them back to these organizations: Food for Others in Virginia and SF-Marin Food Bank in San Francisco.

Below we share several pictures of our teams in action! At Food for Others, our team members helped unload a donation of 1,000 power pack lunches for schools, crate and bag fresh, crisp apples for distribution, and pack grocery bags for those in need. In San Francisco, Sabina and Jen both volunteered at SF-Marin Food Bank by packing grocery boxes on their efficient conveyor line, boxing fruit, and bagging rice, pasta, and beans. Finally, our newest Resident Financial Planners volunteered for California Coast Commission’s Coastal Clean Up Day by spending the morning scouring Aquatic Park and the surrounding area for trash. Every year on the third Saturday in September, people join together at sites all over California to take part in the state’s largest volunteer event. In 2014, nearly 67,000 volunteers removed more than 1,190,000 pounds of trash and recyclables from California’s beaches, lakes, and waterways. Stay tuned to future Digests to see more from our next Give Big efforts.

LG and KC Unloading a Donation

Lauren G. and Kyle help unload a donation of 1,000 Power Pack Lunches for schools.

LG CE KC Bagging Apples - Copy

Lauren G., Cristin, and Kyle help bag fresh, crisp apples for distribution.

KC and DW Crating Apples

Yeske Buie’s Fall Interns, Desiree and Kyle, helped crate apples to keep them fresh for distribution.

DW LV VH Smiling

Desiree, Lauren V., and Victoria packed grocery bags with milk and pasta.

LV CE LG DW VH KC Group Photo 1

The Yeske Buie East Coast is all smiles at the end of their time volunteering with Food for Others. (Left to Right: Lauren V., Cristin, Lauren G., Desiree, Victoria, and Kyle)

2015-09-19 SS GiveBig SF Marin Food Bank with Julie - Conveyor Line

The conveyor line at the SF-Marin Food Bank where Sabina helped box groceries.

2015-09-19 SS GiveBig SF Marin Food Bank with Julie - Selfie

Sabina and her friend volunteered together at the SF-Marin Food Bank.


The Yeske Buie West Coast Team greatly enjoyed their time volunteering with California Coastal Commission’s Coastal Clean Up Day. (Left to Right: Cody’s wife Sha’Nel, Cody, Russell’s girlfriend Paola, Russell, Dorothy, and Camille)

JH and the Novemeber Project at SF Marin Food Bank

And when schedules don’t align, our West Coast office finds more companions to Give Big with. We know that giving big is not limited within Yeske Buie, but instead a common component of the communities within which we live. Jen volunteered at the SF-Marin Food Bank with the November Project. Can you find Jen in this picture?