Investment Advisor: How Doing Good Can Help You Do Better

Investment Advisor: How Doing Good Can Help You Do Better

At Yeske Buie, we believe that sharing unconditionally is the path to abundance and we are committed to sharing our time, our intellect, and our resources. So, when Olivia Mellan and Sherry Christie of Investment Advisor Magazine reached out to Yeske Buie for our thoughts on year-round philanthropy, we were happy to share why and how we Give Big. In the article featured in the December 2015 issue of Investment Advisor, contributions from Elissa Buie and Cristin Etheredge were included to support, “How Doing Good Can Help You Do Better”. Below we share a passage from the article where Elissa and Cristin highlight a few ways that Yeske Buie embodies the phrase Give Big:

At wealth management firm Yeske Buie, the motto is “Live Big,” according to Operations Administrator Cristin Etheredge, a registered paraplanner. “We believe it’s about the size of your life, not the size of your wallet,” she said. When it comes to community service, the byword is “Give Big.”

“The notion of giving big is a cultural value for us,” Etheredge said. “We give back directly in our communities, and on a national level we love the Foundation for Financial Planning, whose mission is providing pro bono financial planning to the underserved. It’s such a good cause, and we contribute to it in a variety of ways.”

Yeske Buie’s support for the Foundation includes participation in a fundraising program that aims to help other advisory firms as well. In this virtual event, Yeske Buie staffers share what they do in terms of day-to-day business processes, hiring and retention practices and elevating the client experience. Firms and individuals must donate to the Foundation in order to take part in the program.

“We’ve been doing charitable giving as far back as I can remember,” Etheredge said. Co-founders Elissa Buie and Dave Yeske, both CFPs, have been sharing their time, money, knowledge and professional expertise to promote financial planning since the 1990s. Additionally, the firm’s 13 full-time staff members and two interns (in two offices: San Francisco and Vienna, Virginia) participate in a hands-on volunteering opportunity each quarter.

Buie, the immediate past chairperson of the Foundation for Financial Planning’s board of trustees, noted that “Give Big” is more than just a slogan. “Dave and I have pledged money and volunteered time, and our associate financial planner [AFP] staff have all contributed,” she said. “Each of our AFPs sits on their local FPA Board and volunteers as a way of giving back to our profession. And our Give Big local focus helps our local communities while providing great team-building experiences.”

In fact, Etheredge told us that just the day before our interview, Yeske Buie’s entire East Coast team had unloaded a truck and bagged apples and dairy products at Food for Others, a local food bank serving 400 to 600 families a day. “Making sure no one goes hungry resonates with us at Yeske Buie,” she said. “We love going together as a group and bonding with each other, while we’re helping people accomplish things we care about deeply.”