Mila Lavoie earned her associate’s degree in Health Science at College of Marin. She supplemented her academic education with studies at Marin Ballet School of Dance. Following her dance education, Mila moved on to dance professionally with various companies throughout the US and Canada. Prior to joining Yeske Buie, Mila worked for Standard Pacific Capital LLC as a Research Assistant to multiple investment analysts.

Mila has stepped back into the world of dance and is privately coaching some of the current students at Marin Ballet. In her free time, Mila enjoys exploring the outdoors with her best friend/canine, Casee Jones.

Client Focus: Mila approaches her work with Clients by viewing herself as a guide. She focuses on sharing with Clients in a way that helps them understand the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ of what we do for them at Yeske Buie.

Current Update: Mila has had a lovely end of 2022. Her mother flew out from Boston, where she recently relocated for work, to spend the two weeks spanning Christmas and New Years with her and her boyfriend, Greg. They spent time hosting family and friends over for dinner, exploring San Francisco, dining at some of her favorite local restaurants, and, best of all, having morning and afternoon chats. Looking ahead, Mila is excited for the amazing snow season that has been and will hopefully continue to bless the Tahoe mountains, as well as many short trips throughout the year.

Here at Yeske Buie, Mila is gearing up for the year by working with Lauren Mireles, Partner, to develop our calendar and plan of attack for the year! Keep your eyes peeled on our LiveBigWay® Digest for updates and details throughout the year.