Live Big Digest – Anniversary Edition

Live Big Digest – Anniversary Edition

If you’ve looked at the news today, you know that the anniversary we’re referring to is that of the stock market’s financial crisis low, reached three years ago today when the Dow bottomed-out at 6,547.  The market has doubled since then but, as many commentators point out on this anniversary, anxiety for many continues to run high. In contemplating how far we’ve come since that scary day three years ago, we found ourselves drawn back to the archives, from whence we have drawn a few titles from those days leading up to and following the March 9 lows:

Storm Clouds and Silver Linings
Key Message: Things may be really bad economically, but stocks have become cheap by almost every measure.

Control What You Can Control (and don’t sweat the rest)
We roll out a guidbook of the same name.
Key Message: While we can neither control nor predict the economy or the stock market, that doesn’t mean we can’t work to program resilience and survivability into our financial lives.

The Extended Malaise Scenario (this one sent on March 9)
Key Message: History shows that stocks can provide positive returns even during economically challenging times.

What does it mean to Live Big in these trying times?
We roll out the Live Big List
Key Message: In these crazy economic times, it can sometimes be difficult to remember the areas in our life where we can Live Big without spending (much, if any) money.  But if we can find the place of gratitude for what we have, we can find joy in the most mundane of places, and, hopefully, at least get our minds off of how scary the world can feel at times.

At their best, anniversaries offer the opportunity to remember events that had a great impact on our lives and to reflect on the lessons learned and implications for the future. Hopefully, the travails of the past three years have left us all, not fragile and afraid, but feeling the confidence of the survivor, knowing that we had and continue to have the resilience to come through challenging times.

Here’s wishing you and yours a restful weekend break.

The Yeske Buie Team

Dave Yeske