Live Big Digest – April 30, 2010

Live Big Digest – April 30, 2010

Tomorrow is May Day, the day Dave dons cap and gown, and the 20th anniversary of Yeske Buie. We thought with that kind of convergence, we’d celebrate with another edition of the Live Big® Digest.

How, you may well ask, can we have a 20th anniversary when Yeske Buie came into existence on January 1, 2008? The answer is simple: since Yeske Buie was formed from the merger of Financial Planning Group and Yeske & Company, we consider the firm to be a continuation of those two and naturally claim their history as our own.


Marcia Buie, our operations manager since the formation of Yeske Buie, has recently departed to take a position as Director of Health and Wellness at Hilton International. We’ll naturally miss her energetic presence in the office, but are very happy for this significant career move.

Virtual Works

A more than kind article has just appeared in Financial Planning Magazine, discussing Yeske Buie’s approach to serving clients via the Client Private Page. The first paragraph alone will make you suspect we bribed the writer:

“David B. Yeske, CFP, challenges the old adage, “jack of all trades, master of none.” This cerebral gladiator has mastered almost every element of the financial planning arena, and has garnered a doctorate in finance, a master’s in economics and a Bachelor of Science in applied economics along the way. But it is his technological prowess-with an emphasis on making processes simple and applicable for the client-that makes him a trendsetter in the financial advisory industry.”

A $2.95 Lesson for Wall Street

Writing for CNN, Bob Greene relates a personal experience that he believes might hold a real lesson for Wall Street: do right by your customers, no matter which side of the trade you’re on. What a novel idea.

Wall Street’s Heist

Brett Arends, of and MarketWatch, explains how Wall Street bankers managed to extract a half trillion dollars for themselves during the last bubble, even as investors in their firms were left with nothing to show for it. Brett says that the Goldman Sachs case should remind investors of the earnest advice of Deep Throat: follow the money.

American Power Act

New York Times columnist David Brooks discusses the benefits that might accrue from adopting a national energy initiative, even if policymakers get the details all wrong. Likening it to the development of the transcontinental railroad, he declares:

“When you read that history, you’re reminded that large efforts are generally plagued by stupidity, error and corruption. But by the sheer act of stumbling forward, it’s possible, sometimes, to achieve important things.”

An Economic and Market Update by Liz Ann Sonders

Just a reminder that this webinar will only be available through this weekend. So, this is your last chance to learn about Liz Ann’s assessment of current and projected economic conditions.

Have a great weekend!

The Yeske Buie Team