Live Big Digest – June 8, 2010

Live Big Digest – June 8, 2010

Rather than boring you with more talk about the uneven course of the economy and the markets, which inevitably stumble forward through a ceaseless series of advances and declines. And rather than sharing the latest comments of Ben Bernanke as he reports on the fundamental underlying strength of the US economy. And, finally, in lieu of laying out the case for why Europe will pull through, notwithstanding the travails of Greece and Spain, we thought we would share a couple of bits of internal news.

First, Dave appeared in an ABC7 news feature Friday evening, which was devoted to a new website that rates 401(k) plans.  His comments were primarily focused on the importance of saving for retirement early and often and staying diversified.  And we were gratified to have it pointed out that Elissa was in the story as well.  If you look over Dave’s right shoulder, you can see her gracing the cover of Financial Advisor Magazine.

Dave also spoke at the FPA NorCal Conference last Wednesday on the topic of using technology effectively in a financial planning practice.  That same night, he was honored at Golden Gate University’s adjunct faculty recognition dinner with a Distinguished Faculty Service Award.  The award carries with it the new title of Distinguished Adjunct Professor.

According to the GGU faculty guide, an appointment as Distinguished Adjunct Professor is granted to those “individuals so accomplished that their association with GGU substantially enhances its standing as an institution of higher education, and/or individuals whose exemplary non-instructional service to GGU and outstanding performance as teachers over a substantial period of time compel this recognition. The rank is not intended as a means simply for acknowledging longevity of service or the satisfaction of normal performance expectations.”

So, it was a big week for Dave last week, even if not for the markets.  But, as we know, the markets will get their turn.

Have a great week!

The Yeske Buie Team