Live Big Digest – Tempus Fugit ed

Live Big Digest – Tempus Fugit ed

As another week draws to a close, we find ourselves somewhat surprised to realize that the year is now nearly half gone. Tempus fugit is normally translated as “time flies” though a more literal rendering would be “time flees” (think fugit as in fugitive) and this feels right. Time flees and we pursue it in vain, hoping all the while that nothing important falls through the cracks. Which is perhaps one of the themes of this edition of the Live Big Digest, falling under the heading of “housekeeping items.” And as always, we hope we’ll continue to earn your Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval!

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Yeske Buie Team

The Investment Answer
Many of you responded to our offer of The Investment Answer and have given us the positive feedback we hoped for. Drop us a line if you’d like a copy, including a replacement if you’ve given the first one away (please feel free to do so!).

In the meanwhile, we’ve come across another article describing how the book came to be. read article

Secure Document Upload
You’ll now find a “secure file upload” link on the Resources page of your Client Private Page ®. This will lead you to an upload page from which you can upload tax returns and other financial documents to us via a secure, encrypted connection. Speaking of which . . .

Please upload your 2010 Federal Tax Return if you haven’t done so already.

What’s “New” about a New Normal?
The 2008 global market crisis and the struggling economy have left many investors fatigued. Despite two years of strong equity returns, some investors have been slow to regain market confidence. Many are accepting the talk about a “new normal” in which stocks offer lower returns in the future.

The concept of a new normal is anything but new. In fact, throughout modern history, periods of economic upheaval and market volatility have led people to assume that life had somehow changed and that new economic rules or an expanding government would limit growth. What they could not see was how markets naturally adapt to major social and economic shifts, leading to new wealth creation.

Required Minimum IRA Distributions
If you’re subject to Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) from your IRA, we’re currently in the process of raising cash and preparing distribution forms (where necessary). The actual distributions will be made during the second half of July and a follow up email will be sent and then posted to the Tax Report area of your Client Private Page ® summarizing the amount and any tax witholding.

All Tax Preparers to Get Client Private Page ®!
Over the course of the next month, we’ll be rolling out Client Private Pages®
for all of our clients’ tax preparers. This will allow them to get direct access to quarterly and annual tax reports in a secure and timely fashion. This will also make it easier for your tax preparer to advise you throughout the year and prepare your return when the time comes. You’ll receive an email from us in the coming weeks letting you know who we have on file as your tax preparer. Keep an eye out for it!