Review and Outlook 2011-2012

Review and Outlook 2011-2012

Join us for a review of economic and market conditions in 2011 and a discussion of the implications for global investors in 2012 and beyond.  This 23 minute presentation covers the following topics:

  • Global stock market performance in 2011
  • Economic conditions in the US and the Eurozone
  • Relative market valuations across countries and implications for future returns
  • The role of Emerging Market Equity in a globally-diversified portfolio

When you click on the link below, a new window will open.  The presentation may take several seconds to load, so please be patient.  There is an Adobe Acrobat version of the slides linked below the recorded presentation.

Recorded presentation: Review and Outlook 2011-2012

Slides only: Review_of_2011_and_2012_Outlook-slides


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