TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Curious Questions

TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Curious Questions

What is Your Retirement Vision?


We spend our entire adult lives working to reach the destination known as retirement: a period of life that many imagine filling with travel, relaxation, or endless rounds of golf. In actuality, retirement can be one of the most challenging phases of life due to its inevitable newness. For this reason, it is important to ask the right questions and seek guidance before you “quit” your 30-year working routine cold turkey. In this space, we share three important questions to keep in mind as you plan for retirement.

How Much Do You Spend?

How much did you spend at the grocery store last week? What about at restaurants last month? You probably have only a very general idea of the answers to these questions. And frankly, that’s ok. Life is often too busy to record and categorize every expense. Luckily, technology can help do all of that for you. Today, we take a look at one of the more popular cash flow tracking apps: Mint. Read on for our take on the service, and our thoughts on using cash flow trackers.

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You’re a Financial Planner… Now What?


“You’re a Financial Planner… Now What?” is the title of a podcast series that features interviews with experts and young advisors who share their experiences, knowledge, and practical advice. Yeske Buie’s very own Lauren Stansell was invited to share her thoughts on a recent episode that focused on the next generation of financial planning and continuous learning. Continue reading for highlights from the insightful podcast.

Will You Join Our Post-Election Live Webinar?

Voter enthusiasm for the midterm election next Tuesday is reaching near-historic levels. No matter the result of the voter turnout or the elections themselves, it is almost certain that the vote will have an impact on the economy, the markets, and our other complex systems. We invite you to join Dr. Dave Yeske on November 14th at 11am PT / 2pm ET for a live webinar where he’ll share thoughts and insights on our post-election direction. Register today to reserve your virtual seat and feel free to share this link with any friends, family, or colleagues who may also want to join.


Health Insurance Marketplace – What’s Changing? What’s the Same?


Despite potentially conflicting messages, the health insurance marketplace will continue to be available for 2019 coverage and the open enrollment window officially opened yesterday. The deadline for enrollment is December 15th. Those intending to enroll are encouraged to start the process early this year as state-by-state plans are expected to vary more this year than in the past, and navigating the site may be more difficult than past years due to budget cuts. With this in mind, we share a quick guide from the website to help you learn more about enrollment, potential savings, picking a plan and more.