TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Déjà Vu

TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Déjà Vu

Investing with a Broken Compass: The Broken Analogy

Magnetic compass on US dollar notes

Years ago, we shared our reflections on an ad from BNY Mellon that offered the following opinion: The only investors staying the course are those with a broken compass. Fast forward seven years later, and we’re struck by how the themes in this piece speak to our current environment, as well. Read on for our take on how deep regularities and core drivers outweigh the ads and headlines for “a new direction”.

What’s in Your Credit Score?

645, 825, 525, 750. No, these are not picks for the upcoming lottery… they’re credit scores. While it may be more fun to daydream about winning the lottery than increasing your credit score, it’s important to understand how your credit score influences your financial life. In this piece, we breakdown the different parts of your credit score and discuss what affects your score positively and negatively.

Credit Score rating based on debt reports showing creditworthiness or risk of individuals for student loan, mortgage and payment cards, concept with business person touching scorecard on screen

Protect What Matters Most


The pandemic has unfortunately provided cybercriminals with new opportunities for phishing attacks, including fake COVID websites, texts posing as government and health organizations, false job postings, and more. In addition to practicing healthy technology habits, we believe that using IdentityForce for proactive identity, privacy, and credit protection can help keep your personal information safe. Learn more about IdentityForce and the discounted rates available for Yeske Buie Clients.

Save the Date: Virtual Workshop

Join us on Tuesday, August 25th for a virtual workshop featuring tips to boost your financial hygiene during COVID-19. Throughout the workshop, several members of our team will share tips, answer questions, and demo interactive exercises that you can complete with you us or your loved ones. Register today and stay tuned for more details.

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Are You Registered to Vote?

Democrat vs republican poll, democratic decision and primary voting conceptual idea with Vote election campaign button badges and the united states of american flag

The U.S presidential election is less than 90 days away – are you registered to vote? Voting is a privilege and a duty, and we hope that you ensure you are registered to vote and encourage those in your social networks to do the same. Below are a few related resources that may be helpful for you or those you know: