TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Digging Deeper

TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Digging Deeper

secure act 2.0

Secure Act 2.0 – Digging Deeper

secure act 2.0

As you may have heard, the Secure Act 2.0 contains more than 100 changes that could apply to you. We covered what we think the biggest hitters are in our first piece and in this recording, and today we’re diving into some of the changes that only apply to certain situations. While we won’t cover all the remaining 100 items, we’ll cover a few more categories of changes that might apply to you or someone you know.

ChatGPT: A Clever Companion to Financial Planning?

The artificial intelligence chatbot that everyone is talking about, ChatGPT, continues to gain attention as people use it to compose essays, create apps, build resumes, write bedtime stories, ask for advice, and much, much more. We thought we’d put this tool to the test to answer a few questions related to financial planning, investments, and Yeske Buie’s core values. See where the tech met our standards and where it didn’t quite measure up.


Word of the Week: Yield Curve

Word of the Week Yield Curve 3x2

In our recent webinar, we discussed the yield curve. We are currently experiencing what’s known as an inverted yield curve – the yield, or return, on shorter term bonds is higher than longer term bonds (when the curve is NOT inverted, the opposite is true). The shape of the yield curve contains information about expectations for the future. One of the things the inverted curve tells us is that bond investors are predicting that, in the future, interest rates will be lower than they are now (which also implies that inflation is going to be lower).

Happy Birthday, Lauren Mireles!

We hope you will join us in wishing Lauren Mireles, Partner and Organization and Methods Manager, a very happy birthday! Lauren has been with the Yeske Buie team for over ten years and supports the firm by wearing a dozen different hats including client experience ambassador, creative marketing guru, and business management anchor, among others. Learn more about Lauren via the personal stories below. Happy birthday, Lauren!

Group Photo

Favorite Yeske Buie Memory

It’s hard to pick just one – Lauren’s Yeske Buie journey has been full of cherished memories and fulfilling work. Client events and team bonding moments have an uncanny ability bring Lauren true joy.

Mireles Family 1

Treasured 2023 Moment

Unlike the previous answer, this one’s easy – the birth of her daughter, watching her grow, and growing with her. Looking at the world through the eyes of a child is a humbling and refreshing experience.

Lauren in Colorado

One Personal Live Big Goal

For many years, Lauren has been pursuing the goal of making a memory in every US state. With her move to Colorado this year, Lauren is hoping to visit new states like WY, NM, KS, & NE.

The Give Big Kentucky Derby Challenge 

kentucky derby

Give Big at Yeske Buie manifests in several ways: volunteer work, pro bono financial planning, charitable donations, and more. We thought it would be fun to engage in a friendly competition and Give Big to our community. This year’s Kentucky Derby will take place on Saturday, May 6. Before the big race, use this survey to guess which horse will take the crown at Churchill Downs. Guess correctly and we’ll make a $20 donation to charity on your behalf – good luck!