TheLiveBigWay* Digest – Flash Boys and Flashy Headlines

TheLiveBigWay* Digest – Flash Boys and Flashy Headlines

Flash Boys or Flashy Headlines?

Flash Boys and Flashy Headlines

By now, most of you are familiar with Michael Lewis’s new book, “Flash Boys” and the whole high-frequency trading (HFT) phenomenon he’s focused on. Lewis has been making the rounds starting with 60 Minutes a week ago Sunday, followed by the Today Show, the Daily Show, and pretty much any media outlet that will have him.

Lewis’s thesis, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the story, is that smart technologists have figured out ways to legally “front run” other investors, driving up their cost of buying shares. Of course, it was pure sensationalism for Lewis to insist that “the stock market is rigged,” as he did during his 60 Minutes appearance. HFT has been around for a while now and it can certainly hurt people, but mostly it hurts frequent or short-term traders. For everyone else, it just adds to short-run volatility.

Read more about Dave’s take on HFT

Yusuf Presents at The Washington Center’s Global Citizenship Day Event  

On March 21, 2014, Yusuf represented Yeske Buie as a presenter at the Financial Literacy session during The Washington Center’s Global Citizenship Day event. The thrust behind the event was to offer the nearly 450 students from more than 15 countries the opportunity to learn how to be successful in the role they play in the global community.

Yusuf led the discussion on Financial Literacy with the goal of helping students recognize the importance of managing their personal finances, developing sound financial management skills, and showing how individual financial decisions can have significant effects on the global economy.

Global Citizenship Day _2014-169_WebLG Global Citizenship Day _2014-167_WebLG
Give Big 

While giving back to the community has always been a Yeske Buie value, this year we have implemented a campaign for the Yeske Buie Team to volunteer on a quarterly basis called Give Big to make a difference in our local communities.

The Virginia office volunteered on March 15, 2014 with &Pizza and Dreams For Kids for the 2nd Annual Extreme Recess: Pizza Making event. The volunteers helped empower children with physical and mental disabilities by being around their peers and making pizzas to share and eat!

The California office volunteered on March 1, 2014 at the Habitat for Humanity development, Habitat Terrace in San Francisco, a project to build 28 homes for individuals and families who would otherwise not be able to afford housing.

View a video and pictures of the Yeske Buie Team at the events

Tax Return Request 

We will be sending emails to request 2014 federal and state tax returns from clients and accountants shortly after April 15th. If you already have a copy of your tax return(s), you may send the document(s) to us via one of the following secure methods:

  • Scan a copy of your document and use the upload form
  • Fax to (866) 549-4990
  • Via email to with your document included as a password-protected attachment
  • Regular Mail
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