TheLiveBigWay* Digest – Goings on About Town

TheLiveBigWay* Digest – Goings on About Town

Investment Update – Going Short (Really Short!)

No, we haven’t decided to short the stock market — not by a long-shot! — but we have decided to shorten the average maturity of our bond holdings. We’re doing this by swapping all of the DFA 5-Year Global Bond portfolio (DFGBX) into the DFA One-Year Fixed Income portfolio (DFIHX). The reason for this change was our desire to further reduce the “interest rate risk” in our portfolios.

Read more about why we made this change.

WI - Never Unemployed Artwork WEB

“Never Unemployed”
Ivan Lopez, a San Francisco artist based in the Mission District

Wine, Whiskey, and Wicked ROI

On Wednesday, November 13, Women’s Initiative held a fundraiser in support of their mission to help inspire and equip high-potential, low-income women entrepreneurs to overcome economic and social barriers and achieve self-sufficiency. Our own Jennifer Micieli attended the event at Union Bank in San Francisco where Yeske Buie was a sponsor.

The event offered wine and whiskey tastings, along with a silent auction in addition to the main program. The artwork on the left was one of the many items to be auctioned. The image is meant to evoke the spirit of never giving up, a message that Women’s Initiative is determined to instill in the women they support.

Women’s initiative is a non-profit that provides training, peer-support, a loan fund, and various asset-building opportunities to women entrepreneurs. The organization encourages business growth, job creation, and a deep sense of community for all those involved. And last but not least, Women’s Initiative provides a wicked ROI: for every $1 invested in the program, $30 is returned to the local economy.
The Adventures Of #SFBatkid

On Friday, November 15, thousands in San Francisco and millions around the country through news stations and social media, got to watch a real-life superhero, 5-year-old Miles who is in remission after being diagnosed with leukemia at 20-months-old, as his dream of partnering with his favorite superhero came true.

Dubbed ‘Batkid’, Miles was treated by the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the City of San Francisco to an all-day cape crusading adventure. The members of our San Francisco office got to see Batkid up close when he was driven by the office on Montgomery Street having just apprehended The Riddler.

Watch a brief video of Miles’ dream coming true…

WEDDJ Group Photo WEB Yeske Buie Retreat and Open House in San Francisco 

The Yeske Buie Team came together earlier this month for one of our semi-annual staff retreats, this one focused on mindfulness and servant leadership. We had a great time exploring the natural beauty of Anvil Ranch while learning the value of breath and mindfulness practices and engaging in several team building exercises, including the construction of two labyrinths. All of which ultimately prepared us for an intense and productive session setting Yeske Buie’s firm goals for 2014.

At the end of our retreat, we returned to San Francisco just in time to host our annual San Francisco Open House. Take a look at pictures we took throughout both events.

Also, this was the first year we hosted a tarot card reader and from the reviews it appears that we should consider doing that or something similar again! We thoroughly enjoyed having Jamie at the event and for those of you who weren’t able to see her or just want to go back for more, check out her website.

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