TheLiveBigWay® Digest: How Much Does a Dollar Cost?

TheLiveBigWay® Digest: How Much Does a Dollar Cost?

how much a dollar cost

How Much Does a Dollar Cost?

how much a dollar cost

It may sound like a strange question to contemplate – how much does a dollar “cost”? And depending on who you ask, the answers range from less than a dime to the price of passing through heaven’s gates. Read on to make “cents” of this question and learn more about the implications for your portfolio.

Making Sense of Your Net Worth

The term “net worth” can sometimes elicit a negative bias; perhaps because it suggests that one number can measure a life’s work. We believe that tracking and calculating your net worth can, in some ways, be more important to your financial health than watching the balance of your investment accounts. Learn more about how shifting your attention can provide a deeper level of financial understanding.

net worth

Meet the Team: Kacie Fawls

Kacie Casual Shot - Copy

Yeske Buie has recently welcomed new faces and new energy to our growing team, and over the next few weeks, we’ll be making virtual introductions to help you learn more about how these team members are working to serve YOU. Today, we introduce you to Kacie Fawls, Assistant Financial Planner in our Virginia office. Learn more about Kacie’s passion for helping people and her Live Big goals.

The Hope Chronicles

Becoming an Olympic athlete requires many of the characteristics that we aim to highlight in The Hope Chronicles, including the benefits of a strong support system, mental toughness, and optimism. It’s no surprise, then, that we’ve seen an abundance of videos from Tokyo over the past few weeks that inspire us and fill us with hope! Today we share three of our favorites – what others have you seen that make you think of The Hope Chronicles?

Never Give Up

After Sifan Hassan fell in the final lap of her 1500m race, she called on her strength, resilience, and discipline to get back into the race. You’ve got to see her unbelievable finish…

“Can We Have Two Golds?”

These two high jumpers, who both overcame near career-ending injuries, exhibit the most beautiful display of sportsmanship, respect, and compassion when their event ended in a tie.

Inspiring the Future

Mirabai Chanu lifted more than just metal during her weightlifting competition. She also lifted the dreams of the next generation of Olympians, like this spirited little girl.

Help Your Friends Live Big®!

Our mission is to empower people to pursue their Live Big lives. As a member of the Yeske Buie community, we hope you’ve felt this impact in your life, and feel inspired to share your experience with family and friends to help them Live Big, too. If you have the opportunity to refer someone to Yeske Buie, please know that there is no pressure to pre-qualify them – we welcome and appreciate all referrals. Also, rest assured that we will help those referred to us find a good match for their specific planning needs, even if it’s not us. So if you know someone who could benefit from financial planning, let us know!

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