TheLiveBigWay Digest – Love and Money

TheLiveBigWay Digest – Love and Money

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How to Build an All-Weather Portfolio

When is comes to investing your hard earned money for the long-run, the world can sometimes seem like a scary place. It’s not just the occasional category five storm that blows our way, but also all the squalls that can sweep through the markets that likewise threaten to feel like they might capsize our portfolios. Te one thing we know with certainty is that the timing, magnitude, or impact of world events can never be predicted with the kind of precision required if we’re to nimbly trade in or out of the market to avoid danger or capture gains. At the end of the day, it’s better to be resilient than nimble. Accordingly, we would like to share this 13 minute video as a brief description of how we can build a resilient, all-weather portfolio that can carry you through whatever storms may come our way.

Talking Sweet With Your Sweetheart

With Valentine’s Day weekend upon us, we share a few ideas for how you can make “money talk” a constructive part of your relationship. When planning a date night or weekend getaway, few people think to make a discussion of finances part of the event. However, with money frequently cited as one of the top relationship stressors, allocating time to have financial conversations with your sweetheart is a worthwhile endeavor. Here, we share five ways to have financial conversations with your sweetheart. And, as we recognize that approaching these conversations can be difficult, we offer a piece from Dr. Gary Chapman about “The 5 Love Languages”. Gary identifies five categories to highlight how people understand and give love, and while we need all the love languages, there is usually one that really speaks to each of us. Ultimately, we hope you use this Valentine’s Day as a reminder that love and money can go well together!

The Love of Money
yeske-buie-02 Ask Elissa and Dave Feature

In perfect time for the holiday weekend, our latest questioner asks: “How do you manage being business partners and life partners? Do you ever get tired of each other?” . Read Elissa and Dave’s answer to the question (be sure to scroll down to the bottom for the answer to this question) and stay tuned to future Digest posts for more. And, if you have a question for Elissa and Dave, feel free to share your curiosity with us and receive an answer to the questions you’ve always wanted to ask!

Tax Label on File How You Will Receive Your 1099

While Yeske Buie posts quarterly tax reports to your Client Private Page® for taxable accounts, these reports are for planning purposes only. To complete your 2014 tax return, please refer to your Schwab 1099 for dividends, interest, and capital gains in your taxable account(s), as well as any distributions from your IRA(s). As required by the IRS, Schwab will send 1099s in the mail and post them to your Schwab account between the end of January and mid-February. If you use the Schwab Alliance website, here are instructions for accessing your 1099 electronically. If you have lost your paper copy or are having difficulties accessing the forms online, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.