TheLiveBigWay* Digest – Pigskins and Groundhogs

TheLiveBigWay* Digest – Pigskins and Groundhogs

In this edition of the Digest, we discuss the connection between the Super Bowl and your financial plan, revisit our last Groundhog Day webinar, take a look back at the MLK National Day of Service, share a quick Family Tree reminder, and gear up for the Vienna Office Open House.

The Yeske Buie Playbook
Super Bowl XLVII will see the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens meet in New Orleans this Sunday, February 3.  News outlets of every sort are filled with predictions of winners and point spreads.  Sportscasters, meanwhile, endlessly debate the strengths and weaknesses of each team’s offense and defense, with the spotlight turned brightly on top players, head coaches, and team owners.

And just as each team will arrive at the Louisiana Superdome armed with a playbook that blends hours of research with the ingenuity of the leagues’s top thinkers, Yeske Buie has its own financial planning playbook, designed to tilt the odds in our clients’ favor. We thought we’d take this opportunity to share the key elements of Yeske Buie’s Creative Strategies and Grounded Wisdom® playbook.

Groundhog Day Revisited
Groundhog Day is more commonly known as the day observed on February 2 where the appearance of the groundhog is meant to symbolize weather patterns. However, Groundhog Day is also the name of a 1993 comedy starring Bill Murray who finds himself trapped in a time loop where the same day repeats over and over again.

Find out more about the movie and how it was the inspiration for the title of our 2010 webinar “Groundhog Day”, which explored some of the reasons why it can sometimes feel that we’re living the same (scary) day over and over again in the markets, while also offering strategies to harness the underlying goodness found in the economy and the markets in order to achieve our goals.

MLK National Day of Service

Two of our Virginia staffers, Cristin Etheredge and Lauren Vitt, volunteered their time at the D.C. Armory where they put together 182 care packages for the military and wrote letters to troops overseas.

Find out more about the event and view pictures here



Family Tree
We recently went through the exercise of completing our family trees, which led us to reflect upon the lessons we learned from loved ones past and present.  We recently sent our clients a booklet that contained those family trees, along with a few blank ones for their own families to complete.

We offer up the example of Dave’s and Elissa’s family trees, along with a blank one that you can print out and complete for yourself.

We would love to see your completed tree! If you would like to share it with us, please forward a copy to Lauren at If you mail the form to us, we can scan it for our files and return the original to you.

Save the Date
Please join us for the Yeske Buie Vienna Office Open House on Thursday, March 14th. The event will be catered and will include staff from both the Virginia and California offices.  More details to come!

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