TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Summer Glow

TheLiveBigWay® Digest: Summer Glow

motivation change

Motivational Interviewing as a Tool for Change

motivation change

At Yeske Buie, we understand that change is hard. We have all experienced the desire to make a change in our lives, whether the change involves discarding a bad habit, acquiring a new skill, or making a big life transition. Every day, Clients come to us seeking our advice; however, acting on that advice is easier said than done. To inspire motivation that leads our Clients to make a change, we lean on an empathetic process known as motivational interviewing. Read on to learn about the nature and benefits of this technique.

June Tips and To Dos

June: the month of sunshine, ice cream, and a million reasons to spend money. But don’t worry, we’ll be your financial lifeguards keeping your wallet afloat. Let us guide you through June’s financial waves, ensuring you enjoy the season while staying on track with your financial goals. We hope you are diving into summer with confidence and that you enjoy the following easy reads.

vacation home

Vacation Temptation

Dreaming about making your summer vacation spot your permanent home? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

100$. Franklin

Money in Movies

As you enjoy those summer movie specials, see if you can identify money as a character. Here are a few examples.

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Featured Favorites

One of our greatest strengths is our team of talented, diverse individuals. Learn more about our unique interests here.

Save the Date: Brain Balance

We often challenge Clients to shift their perspective, whether to see the world as a collection of resilient human beings (rather than a dangerous place filled with lurking hazards) or to activate their belief in achieving goals they didn’t think were possible. In this vein, we’re excited to host a live webinar on July 27 featuring a guest speaker who will offer a technique for shifting how you see the world by activating both sides of your brain through handwriting. Save the date and register today!

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Doing the Right Things

doing the right things podcast

We believe one of the most important parts of our relationship building process is discovery, a time when we get to know all about you. We recognize that asking you to share the deepest aspects of your personal life requires significant vulnerability, and in honor of this, we like to do the same. One recent example of this is from Partner, Yusuf Abugideiri, in a podcast episode called Doing the Right Things. Give it a listen to learn more about Yusuf’s growth from childhood until now.

Word of the Week: Gratitude

As we focus on challenging ourselves to embrace personal growth and development, it feels appropriate for gratitude to be our word of the week. Gratitude is the expression of appreciation for what you have. It is a positive emotion that can allow you to feel happier, and more satisfied, with life. Having gratitude may be easier said than done, but taking time to pause and express thanks for what you have and appreciate in your life can be the key to feeling gratitude. We offer an opportunity to practice this via TheLiveBigWay Gratitude Wall.

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