TheLiveBigWay® Digest: The Golden Years

TheLiveBigWay® Digest: The Golden Years

Turning Your Portfolio into a Paycheck

Close-up of blank check, US bills/coins, calculator and pen

How much can I safely spend from my portfolio in retirement? How will I know if I’m heading for trouble? What will I need to do to get back on track? As our Clients approach retirement, they often wonder how we’ll help them manage distributions from their portfolio in a sustainable way. Our safe-spending policies create a framework that provides security as you phase into the next stage of life’s journey. Read on to learn more.

What is Your Retirement Vision?

We spend our entire adult lives working to reach the destination known as retirement: a period of life that many imagine filling with travel, relaxation, or endless rounds of golf. In actuality, retirement can be one of the most challenging phases of life due to its inevitable newness. For this reason, it is important to ask the right questions and seek guidance before you “quit” your 30-year working routine cold turkey. In this space, we share three important questions to keep in mind as you plan for retirement.


Yeske Buie in the Media: The Future of Financial Advice

Real estate agent and customers shaking hands together celebrating finished contract after about home insurance and investment loan, handshake and successful deal

As the financial planning profession celebrates its 50th anniversary, many are wondering, “what comes next?”. The financial planning profession has evolved dramatically over the years, and recent trends involving federal regulations and technological advancements are influencing its next evolution. While “what comes next” remains to be seen, many believe that the future is bright for those who focus on one key element of our work: personal touch. Read on for Dr. Dave Yeske’s thoughts on the future of financial advice recently featured by CNBC.

Where in the World is the Live Big® Glass?

Each photo of the Live Big glass celebrates a memory or point in time when someone felt empowered to live their Live Big life. We cherish these moments and are grateful to be invited to be a part of the different manifestations of our Live Big philosophy. Today, we share a new photo of the glass in Minneapolis, MN where the Yeske Buie leadership team enjoyed time together exploring additional ways to serve our Clients at the Financial Planning Association’s annual conference. We hope you enjoy this gallery as much as we do!

Chicago, IL

2018 Tax Reminder

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With the final deadline of the 2018 tax season officially in the rear-view mirror, we are writing to request that you send us a copy of your 2018 federal and state tax returns. Exactly how we use the information in your return varies from Client to Client but can range from analyzing Roth conversions, to updating retirement capital projections, calculating tax projections, and tracking tax data that can impact investment decisions. It is our preference to receive the entire document, however, having a copy of the 1040 and all Schedules is usually sufficient. To securely send us a return or any other information, please use one of the methods described here.