TheLiveBigWay Digest – To Roth or Not

TheLiveBigWay Digest – To Roth or Not

Roth Egg To Roth or Not

A Roth Conversion is a taxable transfer of assets from your traditional/SEP/SIMPLE IRA to a Roth IRA in an effort to take advantage of the tax and withdrawal benefits of a Roth IRA. Not only do assets grow tax-deferred in a Roth IRA, but distributions are 100% tax-free to the account holder (as long as the account holder is over age 59 1/2 or the converted assets have been in the Roth IRA for more than five years, whichever is sooner) and 100% tax-free to his or her heirs for generations to come. Learn more about the ins-and-outs of a Roth conversion and Yeske Buie’s process for determining who among our clients should do one.

Yeske Buie Fall Retreat and Open House

The Yeske Buie Team from both offices will be gathering at Asilomar for our semi-annual retreat next week. As a result, the Virginia office will be physically closed from Monday, October 27th through Friday, October 31st and the San Francisco office will be physically closed from noon on Monday, October 27th through Thursday, October 30th. While we won’t be answering the phone during that time, we’ll be checking emails and voicemails frequently and will respond promptly to any urgent needs. For those of you in California, we hope to see you at our Open House in our San Francisco office on Thursday, October 30th from 4:30-6:30pm!

open house
          image (20) Meet the Team: Dorothy Navales

Dorothy Navales is a member of Yeske Buie’s client service team working in our San Francisco office. Dorothy has over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry and has been with Yeske Buie for over 4 years. Dorothy interacts directly with the firm’s clients on a daily basis. Additionally, her responsibilities include operational and administrative support to enhance the client experience and the support of the financial planning team in serving clients. We asked Dorothy to share a bit about her professional and personal life and learned a lot about her life as a working mother of a promising athlete!

LG, EB, DYFun Stuff: The Baltimore Running Festival

Last weekend, Elissa, Dave and Lauren Grove all participated in a half marathon at the Baltimore Running Festival, Lauren running and Elissa and Dave walking the 13.1 mile course. It was in Baltimore two years ago that Elissa and Dave first walked a half marathon and they’ve walked three since. They like to say that scheduling a half marathon every six to nine months is the only way they can stay motivated to get up early and walk on a regular basis. Lauren, a long-time runner, has completed three half marathons, this latest with an impressive finishing pace of 10:17.