TheLiveBigWay* Digest – Welcome Blue Fish!

TheLiveBigWay* Digest – Welcome Blue Fish!

No, we are not talking about Dave and Elissa’s adventures in the BVI! We are announcing two additions to the Yeske Buie Team – Cameron Farbotko and Lauren Vitt!  Cameron is a graduate of Virginia Tech’s CFP® Certification Education Track and will be joining as an Assistant Financial Planner. Lauren is a graduate of California University of Pennsylvania’s International Studies: Business and Economics program and will be joining as a Project Administrator.

The term “Blue Fish” comes from a tradition we’ve started where we nickname our new hires using Dr. Seuss references (Yusuf and Jennifer M. were the “New Fish” and Jen H. was the “Red Fish”).

-The Financial Planning Team
(minus Elissa and Dave)

Note from the Blue Fish

My name is Lauren, aka “Little Blue”, and I couldn’t be more excited to be joining the Yeske Buie team. I consider my greatest strength to be my creativity which I showcase through playing the piano, writing, learning foreign languages, cooking, and baking. I find great satisfaction in taking on challenges, trying new things, and exploring new places. One of my Live Big® goals is to travel to all fifty states, although I have only visited 20 of the 50 thus far! I would also love to “explore the skies” either by sky diving, riding in a hot air balloon, or parasailing. I might be “Little Blue”, but I have some big plans!

I am eager and excited to grow and learn with the Yeske Buie team!

-Lauren Vitt

My name is Cameron Farbotko and I come from the cult known as Virginia Tech. I grew up in the suburban outskirts of Richmond, Virginia and am excited to be on the West Coast! This move has been quite the experience, from living in a city to starting a lifelong career. I am excited to start meeting with many of you and helping you meet your Live Big® goals! As many of you will see, I am the in-house “San Francisco Giant”, but I must answer questions preemptively that I have never played football. I played volleyball throughout college and consider myself quite the technology enthusiast. Feel free to bring up anything pertaining to technology anytime as I will talk your ear off on the latest and greatest gadgets.

I cannot wait to meet everyone!

-Cameron Farbotko

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Mark Your Calendar

We will be co-sponsoring a webinar hosted by Greg Valliere on Tuesday, August 14 at 4 pm PDT/7pm EDT.  See Greg’s bio below.  More details to come!

Greg Valliere is Senior Vice President and Chief Political Strategist at the Washington Research Group, where he covers politics and federal monetary policies. A widely quoted analyst who focuses on how Congress and the White House shape fiscal policy, Mr. Valliere is a regular co-host of CNBC’s Squawk Box and a frequent guest on the network’s Market Wrap, CNN’s Business Day, and Nightly Business Report.

Note from Elissa and Dave – The Caribbean Edition 

The Supreme Court handed down a historic decision Thursday, approving the Affordable Health Care Act in its entirety. Meanwhile, U.S. housing numbers came in strong, unemployment came in higher than expected, and we learned that the U.S. economy grew by 1.9% in the first quarter. Finally, European leaders met once more in their seemingly endless quest for a resolution to the euro crisis.

Yes, the news of the world makes it to Cane Garden Bay. And as ever, it’s just news; ephemeral and ever-changing, destined to be supplanted by the next story to roll off the tape.

And it all feels even less urgent on island time.  🙂

-Elissa and Dave