TheLiveBigWay® Digest: We’ve Got You Covered

TheLiveBigWay® Digest: We’ve Got You Covered

Don’t Forget the Umbrella

Paper cut of insurance concept on green grass background. Car insurance, life insurance, home insurance to protection by umbrella.

Getting caught in the rain without an umbrella may cost you a new shirt, but getting caught in the aftermath of an incident without umbrella insurance could cost you much more! A personal umbrella insurance policy covers claims that exceed your regular insurance policies and protects your personal assets from a catastrophic lawsuit or judgment. Read on for more about umbrella insurance policies.

Don’t Let Mayhem Get the Best of You

If you’re a member of Gen Z or the Millennial generation or if you care about someone in these generations, we want to talk to you about why young people need insurance. Renters insurance, auto insurance, and umbrella insurance should be in your arsenal for this reason: Mayhem. Read on for our thoughts and a few clever commercials that help hit home our points.


Sports and Finance

Sports equipment, rackets and balls for all seasons in classroom background with chalkboard and copy space.

The pandemic has required us to reimagine how we engage as a society, and a cultural disruption that many have bemoaned is the loss of sports. Although different, baseball and soccer have resumed play, and the NBA and NHL will resume next week. In recognition of the return of sports, we share three popular pieces about sports and finance: Go for Gold with a Budget, Olympic Overlap, and The Yeske Buie Playbook.

We’re Good People to Think With®

At Yeske Buie, one of our greatest strengths is our talented team that is fiercely dedicated to caring for our Clients. With appreciation for entrusting us with the intimate details of your lives, we share pieces of our lives with you here on our website. Who has the biggest sneaker collection? A wicked sweet tooth? And who can write upside-down?!

2019 DELLY Smiles - Copy (2)

2019 Tax Return Request

Business Taxes 2019 concept close up

The first deadline of the 2020 tax season has officially passed (that’s an unusual statement to make in July!) and we’re writing to request a copy of your 2019 return. Exactly how we use the information in your return varies, and can include analyzing Roth conversions, updating retirement capital projections, calculating tax projections, and tracking tax data that can impact investment decisions. To securely send us your return, please use one of these methods.