TheLiveBigWay* Digest – Where The Smart Money Is Headed

TheLiveBigWay* Digest – Where The Smart Money Is Headed

Where The Smart Money Is Headed

In a recent Barron’s article titled, “Where the Smart Money is Headed,” reporter Beverly Goodman highlights mutual fund manager Dimensional Fund Advisors’ success in attracting a growing number of financial advisors who seek to invest their clients’ money in a more “evidence-based” fashion. The attraction is mutual as the folks at DFA refuse to make their funds available directly to individual investors. It isn’t that the company wouldn’t like to gather more assets; it’s that even more than that, they’d like to make sure that their philosophy is properly understood. This helps to ensure that the strategies they employ won’t be undermined by market timers, who can create unnecessary and costly turnover in a fund.

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CF Bio Pic - Email Large Meet the Team – Cameron Farbotko

As an Assistant Financial Planner, Cameron works with the rest of the Financial Planning Team to help clients achieve their Live Big® goals.

Cameron recently learned that he passed the CFP® exam and is excited to no longer study every night. He will officially become a CFP® practitioner in early 2014. The weekend after learning he had passed, Cameron was able to celebrate this achievement with friends and family while they were together for his cousin’s wedding in the beautiful state of New Hampshire.

A Pep Talk From Kid President To You

Kid President says it is time to wake up and “create something that will make the world awesome”. The following video from SoulPancake features Robby Novak, 9, who delivers an inspiring pep talk about how boring is easy and that the world needs more…from all of us.
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