Yeske Buie Weekend Digest 9/25/2009

Yeske Buie Weekend Digest 9/25/2009

We had another great open house on Wednesday in the Vienna office, thanks to everyone who came to see us. The Yeske Buie staff is now looking forward to a restful weekend after an intense fortnight of shuttling back and forth between the two offices. So, before Elissa and Dave drive to Blacksburg to see daughter Lauren at Virginia Tech, we thought we’d share another weekend update.

Have a great weekend!

Odds and Ends

Why bankers are like bacteria.
“WHETHER you call the current financial situation a setback, a crisis or a meltdown, it has had at least one positive effect: financiers are searching for new ways to deal with complex risk. I have a suggestion for them. Look to nature, where analogous problems have already been solved by engineers and computer scientists.” (The New Scientist)

How China Cooks Its Books.

It’s an open secret that China has doctored its financial and economic statistics since the time of Mao. But could it all go south now? (Foreign Policy)

Uncommonly Clever Economic Indicators.
The stock market is a foggy window on the economy. Follow the pink ties and restaurant garbage piles. (Forbes)

How to Get Help

And don’t forget that our updated client page ( offers a full list of who does what and who you should contact for help with various issues. Contact numbers and email links are available from that page as well.

More opinions on the economy

From Bear to Bull. James Grant argues that the latest gloomy forecasts ignore an important lesson of history: The deeper the slump, the zippier the recover (Wall Street Journal) – this link will only be good for 7 days for those who don’t subscribe to the WSJ

The New Normal for Upper-Income Consumers.
The New Normal for upper-income consumers is to spend 37% less. (Gallup).

When Will Real Estate Recover Its Losses?
According to Paul Kedrosky of The Big Picture, it might not be until 2018 or beyond (The Big Picture)