Elissa Buie on Financial Times Top 100 Women Financial Advisers List

Elissa Buie on Financial Times Top 100 Women Financial Advisers List


Financial Times, the venerable 126 year old London based newspaper, has named Elissa Buie to its inaugural FT Top 100 Women Financial Advisers list for 2014.  In compiling the list, FT set out to identify the 100 best women financial advisers in the U.S. The guiding principle was to assess advisers from the perspective of current and prospective investors.

Financial Times describes their methodology as “quantifiable and objective” and consisting of the following elements:

FT’s sister company, Ignites Distribution Research, contacted brokerage firms, registered investment advisors (RIA), and other wealth management firms asking for the names of prospective advisors. To be considered, an advisor had to have at least 10 years of experience and manage more than $200 million.  The more than 400 qualifying advisors were asked to complete a detailed questionnaire, which was supplemented by additional independent research by Ignites.

The final analysis included a number of factors, including adviser assets under management, asset growth, years of experience, industry certification (CFP, CPA, etc.), compliance record, and online accessibility. Assets under management was considered a proxy for investment experience and client trust, while asset growth signaled good performance and client satisfaction/retention. Years of experience indicated that the advisor had managed client assets through many different economic environments and certifications signaled a commitment to professional growth and expertise.

Elissa has been practicing financial planning for nearly three decades and has played a pivotal role in the development of the financial planning profession. She is currently Chair of the Foundation for Financial Planning’s Board of Trustees. The Foundation’s mission is to help people take control of their financial lives by connecting the financial planning community with people in need. Visit the Foundation’s website (www.foundationforfinancialplanning.org) for information on how you can help make a difference in the financial lives of others. Elissa is also a past national Chair of the Financial Planning Association (FPA®), the largest professional association for financial planners.

Elissa has published extensively in the Journal of Financial Planning and is a frequent conference presenter on the topics of policy-based financial planning, the discovery process in financial planning, and the role of science in the development of the profession. She has been a conference keynoter throughout the world, including the United States, Japan, the UK, and South Africa. She will be presenting at the Korea Financial Planner Association’s annual conference in November, 2014.

Elissa is a Dean in FPA’s Residency Program and holds an appointment as Distinguished Adjunct Professor in Golden Gate University’s Ageno School of Business, where she teaches the capstone course in the school’s graduate financial planning program. She has been quoted in The Washington Post, Time, and Business Week, and has made appearances on The Today Show, NBC News, and CNBC. Ms. Buie is a Certified Financial Planner® licensee and holds business degrees from the University of Virginia and the University of Maryland. Learn more about Elissa and Yeske Buie at www.YeBu.com.