Navigating Meaningful Financial Change

Navigating Meaningful Financial Change

the most hated f-word
the most hated f-word

Just as we appreciate the opportunity to learn from others, we also appreciate the opportunity to share our expertise with others to contribute to the community of trusted knowledge we all depend on.

In this vein, Dr. Dave Yeske recently spoke with Shaun Maslyk, creator of the podcast, The Most Hated F-Word. In the podcast, Dave takes listeners on a thought-provoking exploration of the hidden depths of our financial lives to reveal how curiosity and compassion can unlock a path to a more fulfilling and balanced approach. He specifically touches on:

  • The significance of doing the interior work of ourselves when navigating our financial lives.
  • Understanding the meaning behind money and connecting the dots to personal values.
  • Exploring the relationship between curiosity, compassion, and financial planning.
  • Dave’s inspiring journey behind the company tagline, “Live Big: It’s about the size of your life, not the size of your wallet®
  • Practical tips from the Live Big List for living a fulfilling life without excessive spending.
  • Navigating financial change and using money as a portal to understanding our fears and insecurities.
  • The importance of balance in approaching the interior and exterior worlds of finance.

Listen to the podcast using the audio player below, or listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.