Workflow and Communication During Coronavirus

Workflow and Communication During Coronavirus

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The coronavirus pandemic has forced us all to change the way we live, work, and interact, and we are so grateful for the patience and resilience that our Clients have shown as we’ve navigated the crisis. In a recent CNBC article, Andrew Osterland spoke with a number of financial advisors to learn more about the challenges that financial advisors are facing amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Below are two excerpts from the article featuring thoughts from Dr. Dave Yeske.

The article begins with a scene we’ve all been experiencing together:

Like everybody else in the country, David Yeske is getting a bit stir crazy.

For the last eight weeks, the founder of registered investment advisor Yeske Buie has been managing his advisory practice and serving his roughly 500 clients from his home in San Francisco as the coronavirus has spread across the country.

And continues with an inquiry about the similarities and differences between the current pandemic and other times of economic uncertainty:

Yeske, a certified financial planner, is once again helping his clients cope with a black swan-like crisis to test even the most stoic investor temperaments.

“As is always the case in a crisis, we’ve dialed up our level of communication with clients — even more than in the Great Recession,” said Yeske, whose staff of 15 are all working overtime from their own homes.

This time around, the client calls are less about their investments and more about the general Covid-19 pandemonium unfolding.

“We’re not getting a lot of questions from clients about their portfolios,” Yeske said. “Mostly they want us to help them deal with their emotions and to remind them that their financial affairs are in order.”

Throughout the piece, other financial advisors were asked to comment on the topics of remote teams, productivity, information security, virtual connections, and community support during these anxious times. For more on these topics, check out the full article on CNBC’s website: Financial Advisors Face New Challenges in the Way They Manage Workflow, Communicate with Co-Workers and Clients.