YeBu in the Media: How Yeske Buie Groomed New Millennial Equity Owners

YeBu in the Media: How Yeske Buie Groomed New Millennial Equity Owners

Yeske Buie has announced that three of its next generation leaders have become part-owners of the firm. For Yeske Buie, adding new partners to the firm is a way of laying the foundation for the firm to continue indefinitely into the future, perpetuating the Yeske Buie philosophy and approach to financial planning and serving not just our current Clients, but also the generations of loved ones important to those Clients. The three new partners will continue to build on this foundation together with Dave Yeske and Elissa Buie who plan to be around to oversee and guide the company for many years to come.

For the team of five partners, and especially for Dave and Elissa, the succession planning journey has required serious dedication and intentional growth and development. In this regard, we share excerpts from a story published by Ann Marsh in Financial Planning Magazine that details Dave and Elissa’s succession planning journey – the full story can be found here. We hope you enjoy reading about their experience and we look forward to continuing to be a part of your Live Big journey long into the future.

A Succession Planning Vision

Dave Yeske, 61, and Elissa Buie, 58, are planning for the day when their firm can run without them.

Back in 2010, the husband-and-wife co-founders of their eponymous RIA, set out to make themselves “dispensable” to the firm they’d created through the merger of their separate practices two years earlier. The plan was to do so by 2020.

“Being dispensable doesn’t mean we’d be gone, but it does mean that we’d built a firm that could run without us,” Yeske says.

Co-founders Dave Yeske and Elissa Buie in Antartica last month. Three new partners keep the couple’s eponymous firm running in their absence.

Turning a Vision into Reality

“We came to the realization that what worked best for us was hiring new college grads out of undergraduate programs and training them in the Yeske Buie way, as opposed to hiring staff with prior work experience in financial planning,” Yeske says.

“Our three new owners are young because we hired them young,” he says, “but also because they emerged as a natural leadership team within the firm sooner than we originally thought possible.”

Looking Ahead

While Yeske and Buie still own 94% of their firm, they envision the day, maybe in a decade or so, when their ownership will drop to 50%, and then farther.

…Yeske [adds] that it will be some time yet before the pair fully step away from their work as planners.

“We’ll likely be around annoying the young people for many years,” he says.