You’re a Financial Planner… Now What?

You’re a Financial Planner… Now What?


“You’re a Financial Planner… Now What?” is the title of a podcast series presented by the Financial Planning Association that features interviews with experts and young advisors alike who share their experiences, knowledge, and practical advice.

Yeske Buie’s very own Lauren Stansell was invited to share her insights on an episode of the podcast that focused on the next generation of financial planners and the importance of continuous learning.

In the 45-minute podcast, Lauren shared details about Yeske Buie’s Financial Planning Resident program, our commitment to traditional and experiential learning, and her experience and emotions as a “G2” financial planner. We’ve pulled together some highlights from the podcast in the space below, and we invite you to explore the podcast in its entirety on FPA’s website.

Beneficiaries of Yeske Buie’s Financial Planning Resident Program

“The goal is really that it’s beneficial to everyone.” – Lauren Stansell

The Resident: “Our Financial Planning Residents are sitting in Client meetings from day one, and they are responsible for doing all of the note-taking, and then being responsible for drafting and putting together all of the follow-up emails. They’re doing exactly the same thing as any other entry-level financial planner would do with Yeske Buie.”

The Clients and the Firm: “It’s extremely beneficial, of course, to the company to have these very competent financial planners and have them be growing at such a fast pace, and being so excited to learn.”

The Profession: “The goal is that on graduation day, a Resident is a CFP Professional, and can go off and do whatever it is they may want to do. We feel confident that they’re going out there making the profession better, doing amazing things, and serving Clients well.”

Yeske Buie’s Worldview on Knowledge and Learning

“Part of the reason I am back in school is that I really enjoy learning!” – Lauren Stansell

“Our team needs to know everything in order to serve our Clients the best way we possibly can, and yet we simply cannot know everything. It’s just impossible! Things are changing every day. As such, we have a team-based approach to knowledge and learning.”

“My goal is to become the next expert in tax and estate planning. I want to be the go-to person for all of our team members to help answer questions, or take a deep dive into a Client’s tax situation or estate planning documents to make sure we understand what’s going on and the nature of the effect of our recommendations on those situations.”

“That said, while I intimately know our investment philosophy, the reasons behind our investment choices, and what we believe and why, I might not have the deepest knowledge on analyzing our actual portfolios and when to make changes, or why to make changes, or the market conditions; things that Yusuf and Dave can sit there and talk for hours about.”

“So, for us at Yeske Buie, I think it makes sense to me that everyone has a knowledge and is continually increasing and improving their knowledge in all aspects of financial planning, but that there are some experts when things get tough or when something gets really detailed. …Working together can be a huge benefit.”

Opportunities for Next Generation Planners

“As a young professional, you have the opportunity to share your ideas and be really impactful.” – Lauren Stansell

“We encourage everyone our team who may have a bunch of thoughts and passion around a great idea to use their resources and really get something started! Even if it’s just the first draft that gets the wheels turning for a bigger project or idea, that can be really impactful for our firm and for the employee’s growth. Especially in our Financial Planning Resident Program; the sharing of ideas can lead to someone leaving their mark on Yeske Buie forever, even if they were graduating after three years.”

“For me, this is something that’s really exciting to watch in the profession, too; seeing people present at conferences, and all of these amazing innovations and new ideas that people have is inspiring! I find that I often learn from these ideas and take them back to our day-to-day practice.”

Read the transcript or listen to the podcast in its entirety on FPA’s Activate website.