A High Degree of Congratulations

A High Degree of Congratulations

Yeske Buie is pleased to share that Yusuf Abugideiri, Senior Financial Planner in our Vienna office, has earned his Master’s in Economics from George Mason University.

From the program, Yusuf gained a better understanding of how the economic way of thinking plays out in the decision-making process at the individual level and also developed a further appreciation for the grounded, evidence-based approach Yeske Buie takes in helping our Clients make good financial decisions. Reminiscing on his studies, Yusuf shared, “My favorite classes were the ones that centered on the analysis of the economic way of thinking. We covered concepts like the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 coordination, consumption-smoothing in a two-period model, and opportunity cost in my Microeconomics and Game Theory classes”.

Yusuf with Elissa and Dave after the graduation ceremony.

Yusuf and his proud wife Maegan are all smiles after Yusuf’s graduation.



After completing his final class, this chapter of Yusuf’s educational journey ended with a wonderful graduation ceremony surrounded by the support of family and friends including Elissa and Dave. Yusuf shared three words to describe the feeling of graduation.

Humility: After spending five years on this journey, I have learned that what I don’t know dwarfs the knowledge I’ve obtained.

Gratitude: I would not have been able to graduate without the support of Dave and Elissa, the rest of the Yeske Buie team, my wife and the rest of my family and friends.

Freedom: I have more control over the information I choose to consume going forward, and I’m excited to put the skills that I sharpened in school to the test.

With his newfound free time post-graduation, Yusuf plans to read a new book each month and share it with someone in his life. He explained, “This plan is meant to serve two purposes: to continue to build on the knowledge I’ve gained, and to create opportunities to connect with people about new ideas.”

Congratulations, Yusuf!

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