Elissa and Dave’s Live Big Safari

Elissa and Dave’s Live Big Safari

Elissa and Dave recently returned from a three week, Live Big trip to Africa that included visits to Tanzania, the Serengeti, Zanzibar, and Cape Town. As you can imagine, the trip was nothing short of incredible. While they were away, the rest of the Yeske Buie team ran the office to ensure that our care for our Clients didn’t skip a beat. Elissa and Dave found it gratifying to know that it was business as usual for our Clients, and felt grateful for the opportunity to take some time to Live Big. We’ve assembled a small gallery of photos from Elissa and Dave’s trip below for your viewing pleasure – we hope you enjoy them!

The first stop of their Live Big trip was Tanzania. Elissa and Dave are all smiles at the Ngorongoro Caldera.

They then embarked on a Serengeti Safari where they saw an incredible number of animals in their natural habitat – simply amazing!

The evenings in the Serengeti were just as spectacular as the day-time adventures.

For a second time, our Live Big glasses made a visit to the Serengeti!

After leaving the Serengeti, Elissa and Dave’s next stop was Zanzibar, Tanzania – talk about lunch in paradise!

They then traveled south to The Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. If you look carefully, you can see breaching whales in the background.

Cape Town sure knows how to cook delicious food – there was plenty of food (and plenty of dessert!) to be enjoyed.

And with seaside lunch views like this, life doesn’t get much better.

Overall, Elissa and Dave had a fantastic time exploring Africa. If this picture could talk, we think it would scream, LIVE BIG!