Give Big: SF Marin Food Bank

Give Big: SF Marin Food Bank

In continuing our quarterly Give Big campaign, aimed at making a difference in our local communities, Yeske Buie team members have planned or completed their second project this year. While the Vienna office outing will happen shortly and be featured in an upcoming Digest, the San Francisco office volunteered a the SF Marin Food Bank this past Tuesday during the after-work evening shift.

The SF Marin Food Bank’s mission is to end hunger in San Francisco and Marin. They provide 46 million pounds of food to these two areas with more than half of it consisting of fresh produce directly from farms. The amount of produce highlights the Food Bank’s focus on putting nutrition at the forefront of their endeavors. Most families in need have to stretch their dollars to buy food that will fill them up, which means produce can be priced too high to fit their limited budgets. The Food Bank knows that and hopes to fill that gap so their families are getting the nutrition they need. They provide more food to recipients than any other organization, making them the #1 effort in the country. Representatives from other organizations frequently visit the Food Bank to learn how they do things as they set the standard for their industry.

For every $1 donated, the Food Bank (with help from volunteers) can distribute $6 of food. Of the $1, $0.97 goes to programming and the remaining $0.03 goes to overhead expenses. For those of you interested in helping, they have shifts throughout the week that you can sign-up for. There are special shifts for families with 8-year-olds on Saturdays and 4-year-olds on Sundays. Some professions even put on work competitions to encourage participation such as law firms who are involved with “Food From The Bar.”

SF Marin Food Bank WL
Our group leader rallying everyone around our mission for the evening: to pack 10,000 pounds of red, yellow, and green peppers!

Group WL
Team YeBu SF is ready!

JH, JM, and DN WL
The starting line…

Peppers WL
Dorothy knows how to sort for the best ones.

DN Picking WL
Jennifer M. is boxing up the red peppers.

JM Boxing WL
Jen H. is getting the boxes ready to be shipped off.

JH Packing WL
Mission accomplished!!!

Mission Accomplished WL
The volunteers gather for a debrief on the evening.

Group 2 WL
We’re done!