Oh, We Had Holiday FUN!

Oh, We Had Holiday FUN!

It was such an honor to spend time with members of the Yeske Buie community at our virtual holiday party this year. Those who joined us said that it was big fun, beautifully executed, and the best one yet – and we don’t disagree! We enjoyed playing Guess Who and Scattergories, building word clouds, and finding commonalities within small groups. Here’s a few photos from our time together. Happy Holidays!

Where did our guests tune in from? All across the universe!

How long have you been a part of the Yeske Buie community? Some of our relationships are decades long! Whether you joined us in 1992 or 2022, we are grateful for the opportunity to know you.

This question was challenging because we limited guests to only four words. In four words or less, how do you Live Big?

Everyone played a round of Winter Scattergories! Some of our favorite responses included Rolls Royce for a Letter R ’Gift You’d Love to Get’ and ‘Make More Money’ for a Letter M ‘New Year’s Resolution’.

Our last activity challenged guests to find something that everyone in the breakout room had in common. We had more in common than we thought! Here’s a few examples…

  • Living Abroad
  • Valuing Honesty in Relationships
  • Experiencing Food of Different Countries
  • Having Musical Interests/Abilities
  • Being Pizza Lovers
  • Wearing Pants During the Party (HA!)
  • Enjoying Bird Watching
  • Taking a Daily Vitamin
  • Visiting France
  • Being a Registered Voter
  • Having Decorated Christmas Trees
  • Liking the Beatles

The Yeske Buie Team was all smiles at the end of the evening. Thank you for engaging with us and for being such a special part of our lives. We hope you have a happy holiday and a joyful new year!