The Mireles Family

The Mireles Family

MAY 2023

Lauren and Eli are excited to celebrate a big milestone for their daughter, Aria – her first birthday! The family of three will be spending time in their hometown of Pittsburgh, PA to enjoy a celebration surrounded by family and friends. At one year old, Aria is a smiley, silly, and very curious little girl. She’s on the move by way of crawling and walking with the help of her walker, and she loves to read her favorite books with Mama and Dada. Lauren read Curious George at the Zoo 26 times in one day, and reads Little Blue Truck Leads the Way every morning without fail. Lauren and Eli genuinely cherish these memories and consider it an absolute gift to watch Aria grow.


Lauren has returned from her maternity leave and is genuinely enjoying reconnecting with her work and with the Yeske Buie team. She’s learning to balance her roles as ‘Partner’ at Yeske Buie and ‘Mommy’ at home and finds both to be very rewarding. After a long day at the office, there’s nothing better than seeing her daughter’s big, happy smile.

MAY 2022

It is our pleasure to welcome baby Aria James Mireles to the Yeske Buie family! Proud parents, Lauren and Eli Mireles welcomed their first healthy baby girl on Friday, May 6th, 2022, just in time to share their first Mother’s Day together as a family of three! Lauren shared with us, “I’ve never felt a greater joy in my life than when I rock my daughter to sleep. It’s a full sensory experience – I feel her warmth, I see her eyes flutter, I smell her sweet newborn scent, I hear her coo. I’m truly living big in every moment I spend with her.”  Welcome Aria James Mireles!

Aria James Mireles


Lauren and her husband, Eli, are excited to share that they are expecting their first child! Thus far, they’ve been enjoying the exciting (and sometimes overwhelming) journey of pregnancy, and look forward to welcoming their bundle of love in May 2022. They’re keeping the baby’s gender a surprise, much to the dismay of some of the grandparents-to-be, and enjoy dreaming about all the possibilities that lie ahead for their baby and their growing family.


Lauren Vitt and her high school sweetheart, Eli Mireles, were married on Saturday, October 29th in their hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With family and friends from around the county including several members of the Yeske Buie team, Lauren and Eli enjoyed a beautiful ceremony and a fun-filled reception as they celebrated their first day as husband and wife. The reception was held at the National Aviary in downtown Pittsburgh which meant that in addition to the typical wedding traditions, Lauren and Eli had over 150 species of birds entertaining their guests! We hope you enjoy the following pictures of the joyful newlyweds and their unique, avian guest.