The YeBu Live Big Fantasy Football League

The YeBu Live Big Fantasy Football League

Yeske Buie has joined in on the sports fun by having the staff participate in the different sporting challenges throughout the year ranging from the World Cup to March Madness to Fantasy Football. The YeBu Live Big Fantasy Football League was our most recent competition with a newly instated “technology prize” for the victor at the end of the season.

Fantasy Football is played over the course of the NFL’s (National Football League) regular season for a total of 17 weeks. There is a draft at the start of the season to select the players on each team with a requirement to have at least one quarterback, two to three running backs, two to three wide receivers, a tight end, a defense, and a kicker.  There are extra spots on the “bench” to maintain additional players.  Each week you select your starters and face-off against an opponent. We have two divisions in our league, the East Coast (Virginia office) and the West Coast (California office), with the top four overall advancing to the championship rounds.

The regular season just wrapped up this past week (with great wins for the 49ers and the Redskins to each clinch a spot in the playoffs), and the Fantasy championship game was decided between Cristin Etheredge and Jennifer Micieli with the latter taking home the big prize after just barely escaping the semi-final round against Elissa (there are no penalties for beating your bosses…).

Here is how the accolades panned out this season:

Most Prolific “Smack-Talker” – Elissa Buie (and her target usually started with a “Y” and ended with an “usuf”)
Best Opponent – Dave Yeske (because he was the most likely to forget to change his lineup)
Most Gracious – Jen Hicks (she smiled when she lost, she smiled when she won)
Most Confused and Most Verbose – Yusuf Abugideiri (he kept thinking he’d win and wouldn’t stop talking about it)
Best Team Name – Cameron Farbotko (you can change your team name and Cameron did just about every week)
Best Team Roster – Summar Alaskary (no one wanted to play against Summar’s high-scoring trio of RGIII, Aaron Rodgers, and Adrian Peterson)
Greatest Comeback – Cristin Etheredge (she won last year and almost repeated as champion this year)
MVP – Jennifer Micieli (she won when it counted and lost when it didn’t, the winner by sheer luck and she’ll tell you that herself)
Best Cheer – Dorothy Navales (when she won, everyone knew about it)
Most Under the Radar – Lauren Vitt (the quietest are the ones to watch out for – I sense a future champion…)

We cannot help but note that Fantasy Football is a lot like investing, with the most avid “stock-picker” among us being Yusuf, who was convinced that superior knowledge and research would take him to the championship. And yet, notwithstanding his profligate expenditure of time and energy, he could never break from the middle of the pack. Just the result we’d expect from a “noisy” and chaotic system!

Up next is March Madness!