The Yeske Buie Story

The Yeske Buie Story

The Yeske Buie story is all about relationships. In fact, even Yeske Buie’s origin story is built on relationships – our Founders were life partners before they became business partners! While some have suggested that the 2008 merger was inevitable following their 2006 marriage, Elissa and Dave are always quick to quip, “Have you never been married? That was the LAST reason to merge!” It was only after friend and consultant David Brand challenged their assumptions that they embarked on a journey that brought together two distinct cultures and approaches and blended them into something that was truly greater than the sum of its parts.

What Elissa and Dave didn’t know as January 1 of 2008 arrived and the merger became official was that the world was already sliding into the worst recession in over 80 years. And while no one would willingly choose such a scary time to embark on a grand new enterprise, surviving the turmoil of 2008 and 2009 truly forged the Yeske Buie identity. Including the Live Big philosophy, notably reflected in the firm’s 2009 piece, “What does it mean to Live Big in these trying times?,” which garnered hundreds of ideas from Clients and friends and which eventually inspired a cover feature in Financial Advisor Magazine.

Yeske Buie has evolved in many ways since 2008, but Elissa and Dave and the rest of the Yeske Buie team continue to be energized by our mission to empower people to pursue their Live Big lives. Regardless of whether our relationship has spanned two months, twenty years, or hasn’t yet started, we consider every moment together to be an opportunity to elevate our connection and live fully into our mission. We are abundantly grateful for every member of the Yeske Buie community, and we look forward to nurturing more extraordinary relationships in the future.

For those who prefer a visual depiction of the Yeske Buie story, we share some of Yeske Buie’s biggest milestones overlaid on the MSCI All Country World Index. And below the graph, we share a timeline of photos of the Yeske Buie team from 2008 through 2020. We hope you enjoy!

The Evolution of Yeske Buie

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